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9.3 7dtd constant crashing

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    Windows 9.3 7dtd constant crashing

    Ok I went through all the "crash threads" I could find on google and havent came across a fix to my problem. I running a dedicated server from the same desktop from which im playing 7dtd. 2 people play on this server me and my bro. Seemingly at random times or more often when im exploring the map my entire desktop freezes, forcing me to restart the whole computer. Sometimes it goes to a black screen, sometimes brown/black screen with vertical lines. I ran a stress test on all my hardware components to rule out hardware failure. My computer never freezes/crashing with any other game but this 1 so im really confused. If anyone one has a possible solution let me know cause I am beyond frustrated and am willing to try any possible solution.

    AMD FX 6200 six core
    Gigabyte Radeon HD 7870 2GB
    8 Gigs ddr3 1600
    Biostar 990Fx mobo
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