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My "Chutes and Ladders" base.

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    My "Chutes and Ladders" base.

    I finished up playing A18, just wanted to share what I've been up to for the past 250+ hours in-game. Maybe get a few ideas I can incorporate into a new build for A19 from other people posting their own as there really isn't a place for this for people who would post one-offs.

    Didn't really know where to stick this, I'm not a "Content Creator" per say and the other sub-forums didn't seem applicable. Mods feel free to move it, if necessary.

    Tl:dr Dude builds an oversized monstrosity of a base in survival. Wishes to share it and invites others to do the same. Done in Imgur format just for the ease and length.

    Thanks for sharing. Both bases are impressive. The final base looked like it took a ton of digging and effort. A video tour would be nice or a video of one of your horde nights. 😎👍

    FYI, the images/video sub forum is a great place for this type of post.

    Edit: what was your latest horde night and GS level? Given your game settings, I'm assuming your hordes last until 4am?


      Video tour maybe, I'm doubting a full on horde night video though. The main base is a little too large, even with the recent improvements it can get a little laggy at times on horde night. I'm not sure how full video capture on top of that would go.

      I stopped playing after the horde night on day 119. There wasn't anything else to work towards and short of waves with demolishers in them there wasn't any real threat . Waiting on A19 to see if I can resurrect my A16 base.

      Forget the GS but it was closing in on 300 last I checked.

      Hordes last until 4am except a few of the pre-demolisher ones early on at the temp base because specking into junk turrets early is a bit OP.