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I Renovated the Prison to a Winter Greenhouse. (Base Tour

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    I Renovated the Prison to a Winter Greenhouse. (Base Tour


    Hello all! Here is my prison POI renovation. I used the Nitrogen map application to make a map with nothing but a snow biome.
    My personal requirements were:
    1. All crops must be grown inside an enclosed greenhouse.
    2. The prison POI must be renovated so my family could stay in it.

    I used a number of mods but this is mostly a vanilla play through. Primary mods were HN decoration and Guppy decorations. If you would like to check out a more in depth album of the entire base, here is a link.

    Thank you for letting me share my base with you.

    Awesome use of that POI!

    I always want to make a green house of sorts. That seems like a great way to do about doing so.


      Looks beautiful. If you can put this much work and detail in game you could get into 3D Graphics and do Arch Viz or Level Design as a side job.

      Thank you for sharing this, I wish there were more that did.
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