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    Looking For People to play with

    Now that alpha 18 stable is out, im wanting to start a new multiplayer. Its been about 8 months since I lasted played with a group and I can not get in touch with them.

    I am PC, have about 200 hours of game time. Im 33/f Northeast US, 420 friendly (i feel like im putting out an add).

    My steam name is Nariella44 (Nari) and its a picture of me and my cat. Send a friend request or whisper me.

    My gaming style aligns with that of Glock9 (youtuber who has great 7dtd series).

    Hi there, Nari
    I was going to add you on steam, unfortunately I can't find you under either Nariella44 and Nari comes up with 3000-something account names. If you can give me a more direct link to your profile page on steam, I'll gladly add you.
    I'm currently on a server looking for more people to join. We're focused cooperative play: building a base together, entering and clearing POIs together (although admittedly more the latter). Dedicated server is located in Chicago. Most of us are on somewhere between 5pm to 12, eastern time; but a few happen to occasionally be on earlier.



      Are you still looking for players on your server?

      My situation is similar to the OP, I am on the East Coast, generally play a few nights during the week and then on weekends as time allows. I am looking for a relatively active group that I can team up with. Work together to survive, kinda thinking Neebs Gaming style, lol. As for age, well, my username should give a fair indication of that

      If your still looking for players, let me know. steam name is senilesenior, profile is private, so not sure if that will prevent you from locating it.


        Hi all,
        I would like to join if anyone is still looking for mates to play with.
        Steam name Rinne, age of 21 years with male as sexual orientation


          I am 22, from the us. I would like to find some chill people to play with. my discord is night_hawk_12345#6105. add me and i will add you right back!

          - - - Updated - - -

          I am very active and love 7 days to die
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            I am down to play if you are still looking. Steam name is RamboBrowning