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    I think Botman or Server Tools had a feature for this, but don't quote me on it.


      Originally posted by StallionFire View Post
      Is there a way to Auto Kick a player who is AFK for a long period of time. Like if someone walks away or falls asleep at there keyboard. We have a player that goes AFK when nobody else is on and I noticed like 3 hoard nights have passed.

      I want to be able to have Rat or the actual game kick a player who is AFK for more than 20 min.

      Forgot to mention I am running a dedicated server version 18.3 with RAT tool. It works good so far.

      Is there such a setting to Kick AFK players?

      Thank you in advance.
      For RAT specific questions, you'll want to ask in this thread:

      But as the author of RAT, no it does not currently support this feature. Its actually on my TODO list, but no idea when I'll get to it. If you have someone that is constantly doing this, tell them to stop, or ban them. =)


        The botman server manager does have an afk kick feature. I recently updated it with some extra settings and also fixed it as it was discovered that it wasn't working (had a typo). It is definitely working now.