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Memento Mori PVE, 12288 Map, Looking for new players

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    Memento Mori PVE, 12288 Map, Looking for new players

    Greetings all,

    Memento Mori is looking for some new members for our fresh wipe A17.2 server. We are a very laid back couple of friends looking to relax and enjoy some 7 Days To Die with some new faces.

    Our server files have been modified to increase city sizes with population ranging from 7k to 21k. The spawn chance of new buildings have been increased while the chance of older, damaged builds have been reduced. Our map has also been customized to remove the burnt forest and wasteland. (See image). Please contact me via PM for server password if you wish to join. The server is currently set at 12 slots but will be increased to a maximum of 16 if we have enough players daily.

    Port: 41391

    biomes current forum2.jpg

    Server options:
    - 24 hour game day = 3 hours
    - Daylight set to 21 hours (morning hits at 1am)
    - Difficulty set to default
    - Zombies = Day walk, Night run, Feral sprint, Blood Moon nightmare
    - Blood Moon Frequency is set to 10 days with a 2 day range (horde night will be between day 8 and 12 inclusive)
    - Player killing set to off
    - Drop on death = everything
    - Drop on quit = nothing
    - Max zombies 50
    - Max animals 100
    - Loot abundance default
    - Loot respawn 3 days
    - Land claim offers full protection while offline and expires in 112 days (2 real world weeks if someone is online 24/7)
    - Login safe zone is for 6 hours up to level 20
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