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GEEK GAMING 12K Nitrogen A18 (public, welcome to all) Max cities, towns, etc.

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    GEEK GAMING 12K Nitrogen A18 (public, welcome to all) Max cities, towns, etc.

    UPDATED 3/31/2020


    Server name - A18 Geek Gaming
    Server IP -
    Dedicated Server: I-7 3.6 Ghz, 16GB DDR4 RAM, Samsung EVO SSD (professionally managed).
    PVE: No base raiding/Thieves booted
    32 player support
    Map size: 12K (NITROGEN/COMPO43 300? EXTRA added POI's)
    UP 24/7 except for daily Server refresh and mod updates as needed.
    Discord channel link (Geek Gaming)

    Balanced World Gen - 12K, Smoother, Custom Biome blend - Many mountains & Rocky terrain, more burnt and Wasteland, , more rivers, less flatland and Randomized, Wasteland border, added Burned/wasteland biomes. Few Large Cities irregular, More Towns, max traders, more...well, everything. Standard big lakes, standard roads heavily overgrown, small lakes, and rivers.

    Custom difficulty with minor tweaks based upon user feedback. These include larger expanded Clip mags, MANY more zombies and animals in world (avoid Wasteland/Burnt biomes until you are prepared), and more.
    Horde Night: 10 days with a 3 day swing (every 7-13 days). Horde night warning - 5:00 am
    Respawn loot rate set aggressively.
    5 Landclaim blocks available to each player due to size of map.
    Horde nights last all night long.
    Vultures, Snakes, and Bears are now meaner, faster, and scarier - XP adjusted accordingly
    Balanced Durability on doors
    Stack sizes increased
    Generators can take 10000 fuel
    Solar Panels max power increased to 600 (assuming you are using level 6 cells)
    Batteries increased to balance Solar increase.
    Loot: Non-HP/AP ammo loot chance modified. Significant amounts available at trader and in world. All (the rest) standard loot at 100%.
    XP: 100%
    Harming or taking over other player bases are off-limits unless previously arranged.
    Cars Auto-reseed every 5 days so wrench away!
    Lots of vehicles, decor, and lights to choose from!
    Any other questions, just ask an Admin. Will respond via. Discord usually within an hour.


    This weekend starting Friday, Apriul 1oth, 8:00 pm PST, There will be an Easter egg hunt through Sunday April 12th 8:00 pm PST. There will be eggs to be found and special Easter Egg chests hidden throughout the world. More details to follow...


    Modified Localization in both Supercornfoods and morefoods modlets.

    Modified Recipes in Morefoods to make more realistic and randomized chance for new food loots.

    Added Custom horns for vehicles.
    Nerfed recipes in More Foods modlet to make it more balanced (WIP) - New Version here.

    Added Working Jail doors and Powered Jail Doors.

    Added ability to repair original Jail doors (WIP).

    48 Hour Double XP Weekend!

    Two new food mods launching today! Supercorn recipes and more foods. Download the Foodpack here.

    Completely overhauled New zombie mod. Banshee and Juggernaut both are now much more rare in beginning stages. Also made the Undertaker more rare as well.

    Added Server-side Zombie Reach fix.

    Tweaked Banshee again. Set to 30 in between screams, nerfed radiation & blur effect as bloodmoons near impossible to kill when multiples arrive. Might also nerf how often she appears as well.

    Added Slight chance for Juggernaut to make himself known in the wasteland biome.

    Set Banshee at a scream duration effect to 10 from 6 to allow delay between screams on horde night.

    Modified recipe for decor flag land claim and stop sign decor light to use Forged steel instead of ConcretePillar50 and Flagstone block.

    Added eggs to Fridge loot (50% chance to get 1-3 eggs).

    12 new zombies, log spikes, iron spikes, and Stainless steel brought back. Katanas making their debut. Link to these mods Just download and copy entire contents to your MODS folder.

    For ENTIRE GEEK GAMING Modlet pack (including their associated zips), Download here.

    THIS WEEKEND ONLY (03/13/20) Trapped indoors and doing your part. This weekend, you're rewarded with - DOUBLE XP!

    (03/13/20) Added recipe back in for barbed wire

    Adjusted Donovon's Better Cement - Adjusted recipes to use less clay/sand. Will be adding new recipe to craft clay from rock/murky water soon.

    Added three new mods (click to download)-

    Donovan's Better Cement

    Zombie Loot Drop (Loot stays longer and more chance of drop)

    GK Texture Vulture (Makes spitters Radiated)

    Added: Boating modlet (make sure to copy the folder within the folder, not the base folder).

    Added: Larger Wandering hordes (not to be implemented until day 30 in game).

    Added: Sherpa vehicle!

    Added: New 6 person military helicopter.

    Added modified version of PHD Better lights (no Junction boxes since we already have them)

    We are using a modified version (using a small portion of Jaxteller718's code from Sinkit modlet to make working sinks) of the Unnecessarybutbeautiful modlet. It includes 6 working sinks (crafted at workbench) as well as recipes for everything else in the modlet, and replaced TV "static" channel with custom video loop. It can be downloaded here. If you already have it, you'll still need to remove it and replace with the new version.

    We are adding the Junction Box mod (cleaner wiring for those who care). Info can be found here.

    You can download it here.

    We are also adding back the ability to Farm, old school. You can make plots or do it with the hoe. You can download this mod here.

    Added Harry's M4A1 mod and Better Homes and Worlds mod.

    We now have working stoves and sinks and more decor. Also added M4A1 weapon.

    Added Warzuck's HD Truck Elevator. Info here

    CURRENT EXTERNAL MODS (Subject to change - Announced on Discord, & 7 Days to Die thread):

    BDUB's Vehicles
    BHW Complete collection
    GK Return to Old Farmland
    Harry's M41
    KHA Bigger Backpack 96 & UI
    KHA 18 Backpack buttons
    PHD Better lights (removed Junction box)
    Unnecessarybutbeautiful (Custom working sinks, static replaced with custom video loop on TV's)
    War3Zuk HD Truck Elevator
    Donovan's Better Cement
    GK Texture Vulture
    Zloot increase

    Link to entire current set here



    BIGGER BACKPACK (96) and UI:

    COMPOPACK42 (275 added POI's):
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    We have bumped up the zombie count, in world. The world is now....More undead. Keep your eyes peeled, because they. are. everywhere.



      Please update your client so that you can enjoy the benefits. Should help with frame rate issues.



        This weekend ONLY - XP is doubled for the Halloween Celebration. All other tweaks remain in effect. Sunday night at Midnight (PST), it goes back to normal.


          Server is back to "normal" settings for XP.

          I have ramped up base ammo (non-HP/AP) loot possibility slightly.
          Land claims now set to 5 - Was upgraded from 3. Depending on the client count, this may be throttled back down.
          Zombie night speed set to Run - Throttled down from Sprint to Run.
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            Gobble Gobble! Double XP and double Loot...This weekend ONLY!!!


              Hope your Thanksgiving was filling (in the U.S.). While some slaughtered turkeys, our players were slaughtering zombies.

              NEW Christmas presents coming soon! Join the server to find what's wrapped for you. Stay tuned for Santa's treats!


                7 Days of Christmas - Just like with our Blood moon, you'll have to watch here for when the gifts start wandering in. Santa will be doing pre-fright checks this weekend. If your base is decorated well, The man in red may give you an early surprise!
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                  We've gone Navezgane! After over 200 days, we've decided to check out the vanilla map. Settings like extra ammo and such are boosted as part of our 7 days to Christmas program.


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                      PVE: 10K New Nitrogen map - Lots of mega cities, few lakes, ocean border, random biomes with added wasteland and burned biomes.

                      WARNING: Significant undead in Wasteland (all the time) and Burned biomes at night. Do not recommend entering until late game. Extra Animal life in all biomes except city.

                      TO balance extra zombies, plentiful ammo found within world.

                      5 Landclaim blocks due to map size. Build a bigger base or build them across the map.

                      Horde night still on a 10 Day with a 3 day swing.

                      7 Days of Christmas is ON. Don't miss out on extra treats!!!


                        Not seeing the server...


                          Originally posted by Calfuron View Post
                          Not seeing the server...
                          Server is up. A18 GEEK GAMING, IP is Been up all day. Post back if you need help logging in. There have been two people on almost all day today. I'll be joining in an hour.


                            On the 1st day of Christmas and our 10K custom map, my true Demolisher gave to me...Loot at 200%, slightly shorter nights, and some extra XP! The elves are all uptight....because tonight, it looks to be...another horde night! Scramble for weapons, scurry for ammo. Looks like Rudolph or perhaps another beast, may have just been slaughtered, prepped, and cooked for our upcoming Christmas feast. Be warned. Be aware. We cranked up the zombies in the Wasteland. The survivors they mourned. Even Santa with his two M-60's and Stun baton won't dare.
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                              Six days till Christmas and all seemed the norm. Everything was quiet, except for the wandering hordes. All of a sudden, Loot started dropping from zombies at an accelerated rate. Slaughter the zombies before it's too late. If you think that is good, Santa thought it was great! He decided to give out SIX TIMES the XP on this very special pre-Christmas date.