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GEEK GAMING 12K Nitrogen A18 (public, welcome to all) Max cities, towns, etc.

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    Five days till Christmas and horrors await. Better make sure the person behind you is the bait. Five hours of warning is not much time. For on that hour, the red bell chimes. Santa is bringing some packages tied with bows, with FIVE TIMES THE LOOT to those who are willing to mow down those scantily clad hoes.


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      Four reindeer survived the night. Santa huddled up on the roof in fright. Dasher and Dancer were scavenged for meat, as Mrs. Claus had nothing but festering vulture flesh left to eat. Me, with my cigar, were guarding down below with FOUR times the XP, and plenty of AP ammo.


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        Twas the nightmare before Christmas and all through the base, all hands on deck as zombies gave chase. A splattering of joyous XP and some wrapped up presents to boot. Someone fix up that Blade trap, and load up those turrets. We have naughty elves to loot!


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          The presents all shine, glistening under the tree along with oodles of Loot, and Gobs of XP. What is that I hear? The sounds of Screamers abound, you should fear. As all these doodles, ammo, and pie, will be gone in the blink of an eye. Better fill your stockings up now, Because Blood moon is looming for you to die.


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            We are bringing in the New Year with a slaughterfest. All the zombies have decided to show up to our New Years Eve party! We have cranked up the population of zombies across the map. If you are new to the map, holler at someone and we can bring you to a base to get suited up. This is not an easy map, but the ammo in world is balanced to it. As an added kicker, we're giving away 2X the XP through the new year!


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              New PVE (PVP Stranger on) Server started with Compopack42 Nitrogen generated with custom settings. 275 Extra user generated POI's added to the pot, over-sized world with more cities, more life in world, with more ammo and more zombies in world. Standard difficulty. Horde night...all night. 10 day with a 3 day swing. On 24/7 excluding reboots. A18 GEEK GAMING, Discord for headset - Join our channel -

              You will need to download and install Compopack42. It is easy to do.

              You will need to download Compopack42, install the Prefabs into your Prefab folder. For most, this can be found at C:\Program files (x86)\Steam\Steam Apps\Common\7 Days to Die\
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                We have added the bigger backpack and Food/Water UI to the server. This is an easy one to add. Download here -
                You need to copy this folder (KHA18-96BBMFW) within the zip and put it in your mods folder located in the root folder of your game. If you need help installing it, let me know.


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                  We have now added Bdub's Vehicle pack and Backpack Buttons for quick sorting! If you need help with installing your mods, don't hesitate to reach out.

                  The Backpack buttons should auto-load from the Server.

                  The Vehicle pack requires a clean install of the mod pack. If you already have Vehicles downloaded in another modlet, you will most likely have to remove them before installing this vehicle pack. It has everything from biplanes to bikes and everything in between. Really liking the Helicopter...just sayin'. Just copy the BDubs vehicle folder into your Mods folder located in the root of your game folder. Most people on our Discord can walk you through if an Admin isn't immediately available.


                  Note: This is a PVE Friendly Server. If you are not into casual play involving teamwork, conversation, or just wandering solo within an active world, this is probably not the server for you. If you steal or threaten others, you will be booted/banned. The Server is volunteer hosted and maintained. We do not ask for donations. We just ask that you are courteous to others.
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                    UPDATE: We've added CCTV's to the mix. Please download and copy the CCTV folder into your MODS before starting the game. See above for the other three MOD PACKS.


                    File available for direct download in Discord.


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                      UPDATE: 1/14/2020

                      Bumped up the Stack sizes on some items (ammo, food, resources)
                      Balanced the durability of doors.
                      Unlocked Advanced Rotation on Drawbridge


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                        UPDATE: 1/21/2020

                        Vultures, snakes, and Bears have been cranked up.

                        Zombies in Burnt and Wasteland increased even more.


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                          UPDATE: 1/24/2020 - We are now running A18.3 on Server. Minor XML tweaks to continue to balance the world.

                          Working on recipes for a new modlet to bring in craftable furniture, light fixtures, stoves, sinks, working TVs, and more! Will be released to testing soon!


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                            Added NEW Custom Unnecessarybutbeautiful mod. 12 pages of craftable items!

                            It can be downloaded here. Just choose direct download.

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                              We have added yet another MOD! We are using the HD Truck Elevator now. The mod can be found here:

                              Any help you need with installation, just contact us on Discord and we can walk you through the installation/copy of the mods used. Beyond the custom XML settings, This brings the current list to:

                              BDub's Vehicle pack
                              KHA18 Bigger Backpack (96) and UI
                              KHA18 Backpack Buttons
                              War3Zuk's HD Truck Elevator

                              We have these available in dropbox as a pack. Just simply copy the entire zip, and copy contents to your MODS folder.



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                                We have added two more mods to our server

                                Harry's M4 mod (not required to play) -

                                Better Homes and Worlds (adds more dyes, working stoves and sinks, larger storage for some containers, and more decor) -

                                Direct links are in discord. Just copy to your mods folder. Full list of mods available in first post in thread.