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Wiped 2/2 PVP & PVE Servers!

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    Wiped 2/2 PVP & PVE Servers!

    WIPED ON 2/2/20202

    Come join the Primal Rage Gaming community! We host the #1 server on 7 Days To Die.
    We host both PVE & PVP servers! Look for us on the server list: THEWALKINGZED X (PVE), THEWALKINGZED XL (Hardcore PVE), and a brand new launched THEWALKINGZED SLAUGHTERHOUSE (PVP)
    Visit our website!
    We have active Officers, Admins, and Moderators who are available 24/7 for any issues you may have in game or elsewhere, and over 1,800 members!

    You can also join us on our 18+ Discord!

    Come prepared to make friends and be apart of an active, fun community :slight_smile: