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Darkness Falls Mod Server PVE (US server)

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    Darkness Falls Mod Server PVE (US server)

    hey there,

    currently running a DF Server hosted in Chicago(US)

    we only speak English and around 25-32 years old.

    feel free to join us on discord :

    we are running 7DTD 18.3 with the DF 18.3 stable mod
    - if you need help or have question about server or installing mod, feel free to message or reply to this post
    - we used the 7dtd mod Launcher for install
    - About mod :

    Server settings:

    Map: DFalls - Medium

    Difficulty : 2 (0-5 scale)

    XP: 200%

    Loot: 200%

    Loot Respawn: 7 days

    Blood Moon: 7 days (plus/minus 5 days)

    Day: currently 30 and Blood Moon night

    Day length: 80 mins

    Daylight hours: 18

    On Death: bag drop only

    ___Interested in joining?____

    simple rules:

    be respectful

    no mic required (prefered that you can hear us so we dont have to type but i dont mind either way

    speak English please

    Any questions or comments, feel free to let me know