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    [PlugPayPlay] PlugPayPlay Website Promo

    After a lot of hard work we're proud to launch our NEW WEBSITE! To celebrate this we are launching a 30% discount for ALL game servers. Use WEBSITE-SUMMER at checkout to receive your amazing discount.

    Can you find the hidden 20% upgrade discount on our website?
    Go to and let us know what you think!
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    I've had my server with PlugPayPlay for a little over a month now.

    It started out OK for the first half of the month.

    However, lately the service has been becoming very intermittent. Everyone will be on the server, and then BAM! the connectivity to the host will just be gone. Try to log into the user control panel and it says server status: unknown. This has been happening about a half dozen times a day recently, much to my player's furor.

    In attempting to address the latest debacle at PlugPayPlay, we paid our server days ahead of the invoice deadline. Come midnight UK time of the prior month's invoice the server was shut down from 'lack of payment'. Even though it was verified as paid in full days prior. They acknowledged that there was some problem between their billing and their server systems. In other words, the left hand didn't know what the right hand was doing.

    This was the last straw for 6 of my regular players who thought the server went down permanently this time, and who decided to move to a 'more stable' server.

    We have a small, tight-knit community, so their loss was greatly felt.

    After quadruple checking that all my ducks were in a row, and that nothing was going on, on my end, I then submitted a ticket to PlugPayPlay asking for the standard recompense when a company causes an outage and the problem is 100% on their end, and that being a free month of hosting service. If my phone company messes up my service, they credit me a month. If my trash company misses my trash pickup, they send a truck immediately to get my trash, and they credit me a free month.

    I think it is beyond time we ALL hold these company's' noses to the grindstone here and stop letting them get off with substandard customer service as the norm.

    We are far too polite and accepting of incompetence and inferior customer service.

    This coming from someone who has worked over 25 years in customer service and who's run the Help Desk for a multi billion dollar mutual funds company. I know of what I speak.

    PlugPayPlay has thus far outright refused my requested recompense of a simple free month of hosting (A whopping 9 pounds UK!), and keep bantering back and forth over what amounts to pennies for them, and instead continue to make the situation worse.

    They are by far the CHEAPEST host I've seen per slot for a 7D server.

    But then again, the old saying of 'you get what you pay for' exists for a reason.

    So, I'm in the market for a new hosting company. Any recommendations?


      Do you guys ever answer support tickets server has been down for almost 24 hours now and you have not replied to any ticket submitted not good for so called " Preferred Partners".