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Announcement: A18 b152 EXP

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    Announcement: A18 b152 EXP

    Hey folks!
    We released A18 b152 EXP to public !
    Please go to this thread to post bug reports.

    Please find the Changelog here.

    To Opt in:

    Select 7 Days to die in your Steam games list
    Right click and select properties
    Under the Betas tab select latest_experimental – Unstable build

    To potentially help with FPS problems:
    #1 lower game's texture quality
    #2 lower AF in driver settings or use "gfx af 0" ingame
    #3 lower game's screen resolution

    Have fun and enjoy !


    Here's what changed since b149:

    • Oil Recipe / Schematic
    • Display Direction to quest locations from traders.
    • Create smaller version of the icon atlas (for low VRAM)

    • Campfires, workstations and torches heat map activity cools down faster.
    • 4x the torches and candles can be used without triggering a screamer.
    • Increased mass of deer, mountain lion and vultures
    • Steel arrows/bolts are crafted from polymer, not wood
    • Machete and Clubs Heavy Fire anim update
    • Quality 6 items are not craftable
    • Tier 3 items scrap for more parts than T2 and require more to craft
    • Drum magazine can be installed on the SMG
    • Increased ammo capacity on junk turret
    • PerkTurrets increases ammo capacity when reloading a junk turret
    • Increased stack size of junk turret ammo
    • Increased texture budget to 90% of VRAM
    • Decreased texture streaming max reduction to 2
    • Increased nightmare move speed by 5%
    • Bird nests drop 1 more feather
    • PerkTheHuntsman better description


    • Garage Door Industrial (Powered) not unlocked when reading schematic
    • Mild Anemia buff persists
    • Forge does not give max resource back when you chose max.
    • Using the rotating yellow exclamation mark should activate the quest on the HUD.
    • Quests were showing "Locate" instead of "Head to Rally Point".
    • Blade Trap NRef
    • Rank 4 demo expert has typo
    • Treasure maps and Challenge Notes can be kept after reading.
    • Hover display on Pack Mule 4 is incorrect
    • Exploding/Flaming arrows/bolts are double gated by books
    • Burning Barrel sound persists in pause menu
    • Ranged attacks defaulting to bashing damage, which caused huge ragdolls
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