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    Day 19:

    Did a bunny hop (pressed C) on my bike at the top of the hill and glitched all over the world, riding my bike like I was standing on the seat. I logged out and when I restarted the game, my hotbar was completely empty but no backpack anywhere on the map.

    Cool story bro


      Originally posted by badkarma989 View Post
      I have a great story.

      I worked for ages building a lovely base, stockpiling gear and resources, I was effectively zombie proof in my citadel.

      Then A18 came out and destroyed it.

      I'm in permanent limbo.... The end...or perhaps just the middle.
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        I probably should have died tonight. My modded huge wandering hordes spawned (I checked in console) 90 zombies which stood on the single block entrance to my mine and dug down. I was desperate, being battered, and let a grenade go at my feet. I reckoned I'd probably survive and might have a chance to escape afterwards.

        I'm guessing there were so many zombies in that small space with me that my grenade, and I, dropped through the world.

        The grenade did not go off, and i god moded to the surface (I couldn't fit myself back in the mine as it was filled with undead).

        On the surface I dealt with the remainder of the horde (about fifty) then dropped grenades into the mine until movement stopped.

        I play dead is dead, and this may have been me dead... but the glitch I encountered I think excuses me from deleting the world in this occasion.