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Alpha 16 is out!

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    Alpha 16 is out!

    Hey Survivalists,
    Alpha 16 is out and is by far the largest content update we’ve ever done. So without further ado let’s get ready to rumble!

    Official Alpha 16 Release Notes

    A big thanks to all of you who participated in the experimental phase. Fixes since B129 have been added to the official release notes.

    Cheers Richard

    As always TFP is interested in all constructive criticism and feedback, but what we're really looking for in this thread are the following:
    • Show stopping game play bugs (Hopefully with reproduction steps)
    • Crashes (Try and get reproduction steps and post your output_log.txt files - usually found here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\7 Days To Die\7DaysToDie_Data\output_log.txt - directly in your forum post. Note: You will find all output_logs time stamped there, even from old games. You can also attach your zipped up crash dump file too.)
    • Chunk Generation Bugs. People please give us the coordinates of where they were in the world when they run into a chunk generation error plus the game seed. Copy and pasting the error alone and the output log is not sufficient to help with a fix.

    We don’t want incompatibility bugs with alpha 15.2 or any past experimental builds so please remember to start a new game with Alpha 16.0 Stable. IF YOU HAVE MODDED THE GAME IN ANY WAY PLEASE DON'T SUBMIT A BUG REPORT.

    Bug reporting form

    Please use this form to report bugs, Testers will then respond, if the form is not used we will assume you are just chatting to each other

    Summary: (short description of bug)
    Platform: (PC or Mac)
    OS/Version: Windows/Linux/mac
    Game mode, mp host/mp client/sp /client on dedi

    Did you start a new save? (Yes/No)
    Did you validate your files? (Yes/No)
    Status: NEW

    Bug Description:

    Reproduce steps:
    Seed name=
    Co ords=


    Actual result: (description of what is occurring)

    Expected result: (what you expect to occur)

    [Attach bug screenshot and output log if any]

    To take a screen shot use the f12 button , that saves it to you steam folder

    your output log files are in C /steamLibrary/steamapps/common/7Daystodie/7daystodiedata/ you will find a list of ol logs, the last one being the most recent.

    also when taking a screen shot you can use the debug info, go into dm mode ( Type dm in the console ) Type dm to turn it off again 
    Press F3, that will bring up the debug overlay, you will need to press f3 twice to close it.
    If you use the f3 feature no need for cords in the screen shot as they are in that info.

    Important Information For Dedicated Servers

    Originally posted by txili6 View Post
    For Bluefang servers Remove the steamapps folder and doing the update again
    Originally posted by Snoops View Post
    For those who cannot connect to the server try this, it worked for me. Go to your serverconfig.xml and remove these 2 lines:

    <property name="EnemySenseMemory" value="60" /> <!-- Time, in seconds, that a zombie will pursue something that has been sensed. -->

    <property name="EnemySpawnMode" value="3" /> <!-- 0 = Disabled 0%, 1 = Very Low 50%, 2 = Low 75%, 3 = Medium 100%, 4 = High 125%, 5 = Very High 150% -->

    Then restart your server, it worked fine for me so i thought i would post here to see if it might help others.
    Originally posted by chromecide View Post
    For anyone who host with PingPerfect and have previously used the "Beta Update" tool to install the A16 latest_experimental and are now getting the "Stuck on Starting Game" issue.

    I had to run the beta update tool again using "public" as the branch name to get the server to update to stable. I can now successfully connect to my server with A16 Stable.

    I suspect that a similar issue would be affecting anyone whose solution is to roll their local version back to b129 to be able to connect to their servers.
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    Alpha 16 is out!

    Changelog from A16b128 to Stable

    Added missing vulture wing flap sounds.

    Crafting sod is cheaper.
    "<player> has joined the game" chat message is shown when the player is really in the world
    Default day length to 60 minutes, day light to 18 hours
    +Added stamina mod to the Bad Mechanic perk.
    +Switched back to OS cursor
    +Increased stack size on iron darts.
    +Cap overdamage on block harvest
    +Better wording for the food healing message.

    Long pulled canyon in RWG
    Zombie remains blocks not getting snow cover or weather effects.
    Panting SFX continues to play even if stamina is replenished
    Wolf can’t attack crouched player, if wolf is slightly elevated
    Sleepers spawn inside blocks that the player had placed
    Make "gamestage" command available for steam version
    Burnt block will suck player up into it.
    Stoves appearing purple in dark areas
    Missing player audio for sick & food poisoning
    Decoy cops instantly start their explode countdown on spawn
    Electrical Equipment placed inside or in cave can collect rain and or snow
    Night vision goggles will show rain inside buildings sometimes
    Friendly animals were spawning in the enemy animals group in the plains.
    Missing fur on bear and improper wake up animation
    Windshields are not getting covered with snow correctly
    Zombie and normal bear do not use attack animation
    Some objects have a purple hue in dark places
    Hospital fountains
    Arrow slits can allow players to see through walls
    Grass sliding across the terrain
    +Quality , The Survivor, The Camel, Quicker Crafting, The Fixer may not always have fired correctly.
    +Wrong upgrade target on corrugatedMetalCNRRound.
    +Switched XP values on snow zombies.
    +Mismatching bright lines on textures in dark areas
    +Left 2 engine slots of generator inaccessible using controller
    +Wood half block ID 830 won't upgrade
    +Too high harvest amounts from grass.
    +Missing loot list entry on zombie strippers.
    +Claim stones are repaired with steel.
    +Players can be set on fire underwater.
    +Adjusted price of iron darts to match the new recipe.
    +Forge: adding/moving fuel causing duping and disappearing of Items
    +Woodburning workstation lighting issues in B129
    +Workstations use info spamming state of messages as host
    +Stamina use on tools does not scale correctly with harvest amounts.
    +Journal tip for first aid, and/or first aid items should be clarified
    +Buying levels of secret stash perk doesn't change item tier
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              Thx guys for the hard work! When A17 will be out? Just kidding



                dammit seventh!

                Good playing all, lets see what we got.


                  Yaay. ;3 <3



                    STABLE? WoW I thought for sure it would stay in experimental for a little longer

                    - - - Updated - - -

                    Originally posted by The Fun Pimp View Post
                    We don’t want incompatibility bugs with alpha 15.2 so please remember to start a new game with each experimental update. IF YOU HAVE MODDED THE GAME IN ANY WAY PLEASE DON'T SUBMIT A BUG REPORT.
                    SO this is Stable or Experimental Update? lol


                      For the first time ever I'm actually happy to have been trolled by Roland! Thank you Fun Pimps!


                        Originally posted by dwallorde View Post
                        STABLE? WoW I thought for sure it would stay in experimental for a little longer

                        - - - Updated - - -

                        SO this is Stable or Experimental Update? lol
                        Staaaable ;d <3


                          NUUUUUUU! er I mean cool!


                            Awesome. Can't wait to make some mega builds now. Thanks TFP. #beardstroke


                              Oh My Gawd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!