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    Originally posted by Rassilon View Post
    Dont get pulled down by one fella.

    Here are lots of Players that are appriciating you, your Colleagues and are happily awaiting A17 and its Preview Bits.

    I always look forward to see another explanation of Progress from you, Faatal or Mr. Mole and the vast mayority here feels the same i guess, even if they stay quiet.
    Pulled down? Not at all. Was reading and responded. He was rude, I was kind, the universe is balanced.

    How people treat you is their karma. How you respond is yours.
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      Originally posted by Mikee View Post
      hard to swallow pills are coming:

      1 year has passed... the new content what we can see NOW is: jeep, bike , quests , weapon mods , poi's , dungeons.
      the rest: new textures / reworking the existing systems again...
      that "much much more" work seems they are just repairing/redoing/retexturing what they have already done.
      i believe its a lot of work to do. but you know, we can check the steam sales, we know they have money to speed up the process. but now its seems they are vegetating. thats why these mean comments are here.... and thats why we call you a blind fanboi, who will be happy with anything, becouse you dont have any expectation towards to the devs.
      why? becouse the modders will do the rest in xml right? good... good...
      I'll see your pill and raise you a reality check.
      Alpha is about iteration, it means doing things again and again. If you can't handle that then you shouldn't be playing an Early Access game.
      Simple as that.
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        Originally posted by Menace312 View Post
        What's wrong with taking your time anyhow?
        That's usually when great results are created...

        I'll bet that the most impatient 7d2d gamers, are also the ones that complain first, if a certain detail is not, "just so".

        There's just no pleasing some people.
        Bad upbringing, I say.
        Totally agree. I was taught that patience is a virtue. Mind you, I'm vibrating in my chair waiting on BATTLETECH to release... :P


          What a lot of the impatient complainers here seem to not know or forget is that I personally handle a LARGE portion of the systems in this game, how they are designed and how they work together. If I were to explain it all most of your eyes would simply glaze over, trust me. I now (as of A17) handle Animation Code support, Buffs, avatar controllers, entity stats systems, and UFPS on top of already owning RWG, UMA, items, progression, crafting, xui.

          So yes, we added more people. That's not going to speed things up, it's simply going to make it better quality. Having 20 heart surgeons in an OR doesn't speed up the operation now does it? It does however ensure a better quality result as more people are looking at things.

          People can complain about timelines all they want. We finally figured out what all systems there would be, sat down with our new Game Designer and balanced things out and discussed how they talk to each other, I wrote the new min effect system to encompass all desired functionality so that we can easily expand with little or no code support in the future. Providing not only backward compatibility, but more things modders will be able to edit from xml, making a better experience for A17 and beyond.

          So sure, it's going slow, but that's because we redistributed the systems and I took over more for this alpha to get a solid framework in.

          Sorry had to pull out my +1 club of common sense there. Back to the staff of kindness. lol

          Note: Money helps me live but it has never been and will never be my goal personally. I've reached my goal. Make games for a living. Everything else is icing on the cake for me.
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            Originally posted by Albion View Post
            Doing things again and again is fine, but when we're waiting this long? If you want to do things time and time again, it should be done through steady updates so you don't have an overfilled plate. I love this game, have bought servers for it multiple times, and had a blast, but waiting this long is a little overdone. I support the devs in their endeavors, but when you put too much on your own plate, it's a little silly.

            I'll continue to wait, but that's really all I can do. I mentioned allowing players into the A17 branch with an early access code in the steam property files, etc but... I don't think that'll happen. We could be helping you guys, at least with bugs to save time. But what I feel is going to happen is, we're going to open the game after this update hits, and feel like we're in an entirely reworked and overhauled game. That isn't always a good thing. Too much to catch up on when you've played it hours upon hours the week before.
            I have to wait on updates for EA games all the time, I have a good dozen I'm waiting on now. I don't go in their forums and give them ♥♥♥♥ over it. So pardon me if I expect to be treated the same way.

            I'm off here. This is just annoying me at this point. Better stuff to do than try to talk common sense into some of these people.
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              Originally posted by Guppycur View Post
              Weird; it's the guys day off, he comes here to post, then gets crapped on for... What exactly? Lol.

              ...and they already use forum members as testers.... They had over 60 at one point. Like, 4, maybe 5, made it. Go figure.

              @Robert; I got a modded 06 gto, let's race. =)
              It happens. I don't take crap from people and I think it just pisses them off even more. C'est la vie. lol


                Originally posted by Demonoid74 View Post
                The Bar follows the Roy G Biv system of visible light...
                so...the bar will go from Red , to Orange , Yellow , Green , Blue , Indigo and finally Violet...
                then plaid :P


                  Originally posted by Guppycur View Post
                  Unsteady walk that makes it hard to aim, screen going red from pain as you move, making it hard to see?
                  Taking damage if you sprint with a broken leg? =)


                    Whether the bonus "tankiness" comes from more HP or more buffs doesn't make a noticeable difference.

                    Having more HP is a simple way to communicate to the player that he is now harder to kill. Simple is good. =)


                      Originally posted by Odetta View Post

                      Is it possible to scale a zombie, npc, or animal to any size? Like with a scale bar that you move from left or right to make a wolf tiny as a rabbit or as big as house? I'm just saying from your end if the user tools are that intuitive and if so, would they ever be available to modders?

                      Bonus question, would their hitboxes also scale with them?
                      Their objects could be scaled, which changes the visible size and collider size, but bad things will start happening as they get too big, like pathing not working, since they don't fit in the path width of 1 meter.


                        On stuttering:
                        Pre A16, stutters were caused by a couple known things and possibly unknowns.

                        The first known was that the UFPS camera was updating in the wrong order sometimes causing what would look like FPS lag while your FPS would still say 60fps. That one I fixed early on in A17 development so that will no longer be an issue. This would happen when the CPU's physics update would get out of sync with the game update so it was hard to track at first. I tried some random things until I stumbled onto something that kept those calculations in order.

                        The other known is Garbage Collection. Prior to A17 we made a LOT of garbage and created a lot of new structs and method level vars during run time. We have now internally all started pushing vars to class members instead of making them in the methods. While it adds a tiny bit more to ram when creating the class initially, it doesn't need to destroy it every time the method is ran. The new effect system that runs buffs, progression, items, and events uses this setup so that processing a lot in one frame won't make a crapton of garbage from all those tiny bits adding up.

                        There are probably more situations and such that have stuttering but those are the main ones I know about and that we've found and started working on reducing.

                        For anyone curious, below are my system stats and I never have issues with any Unity based games, or any games for that matter.

                        OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit
                        Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-78LMT-USB3
                        Processor: AMD FX-6300 Six Core Processor (6 CPU) ~3.5GHz
                        Memory: 20480MB (yeah, I had an extra 4GB ram stick laying around lol)
                        Video Card: GeForce GTX 1060 3GB
                        Hard Drives: 512G SSD (2 of them), 2TB HDD

                        I have windows installed on one of my SSDs and I keep all my games installed on the other.
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                          Originally posted by Daggett Beaver View Post
                          I have to disagree here - gameplay-wise there is usually a huge difference between Tankiness from HP or Tankiness from resistances. Let's take the example of 200 HP and no damage reduction vs. 100 HP and 50% damage reduction. One major difference is the efficiency of healing items - if healing items don't restore a percentage of your health, but an absolute number of HP (as it is in 7d2d), damage reduction makes healing items and health gain from food so much more efficient.
                          So you wouldn't want a medic or cooking skill that makes healing or buffs more efficient? =)


                            Zombies learned about block downgrades today. Yes, wood block + frame = more damage required to get to the brains. Good zombies.


                              Originally posted by The Gronk View Post
                              you just slow to a crawl if you drive underwater.
                              Unless you get the water ski upgrade for it.


                                Originally posted by Gamida View Post
                                So I can build a 4 block high concrete wall around my base and on each side put 2 vertical wooden frames at ground level and put a blade trap and gun turret behind each one and I am all set?
                                It also depends on their distance to blocks, since distance has a penalty, so they may ignore a weak block if it is far away.