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    Originally posted by beerfly View Post
    I prefer MM being quiet , than saying more than we need for now. Every word we see, gets 3 meanings to a person and there you go flood of useless comments and wrongly time spent.
    Lets wait. He will say it all (devil).
    Yes but it gives you guys something to talk about Don't worry videos will clarify things soon enough. But my birthday is tomorrow so definitely NOT this weekend.

    Please go HERE to wish Madmole happy birthday!
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      Thanks guys, you are only as young as you feel and I feel great and have many years of game dev ahead of me. Sorry for the lack of footage things have been in a mess for a while with Amplify texture (didn't works so well but we'll try again in the future) and unity 2017. But things are finally presentable and the good thing is there is a lot to show, so I could keep busy for weeks with the stuff we have done already.


        Bad to the Bone!

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          Originally posted by H3nriQ View Post
          Great job guy's!
          The second pic looks like you changed the terrain a little!! More yellow and orange colors....
          I changed the maple forest to more of a fall look.


            Originally posted by Roland View Post
            So will the hog be able to plow through many of the obstacles that cause the minibike to stop or get hung up?
            We're looking into that.


              Originally posted by graphite View Post
              Speed m/s ?

              The barrel on the back is storage?
              Have Keg, will travel.


                Originally posted by H3nriQ View Post
                When TFP is at peace they do wonders!!!
                You guy's are AWESOME, can't wait for A17!!
                The silence is much better than people talking crap about everything you guy's decide to change or do!!
                Thanks, I actually remastered every biome. Some are subtle changes but unity 2017 did a number on the spectrums so it was just easier to redo them than to try to "fix" the lighting to look like it used to. The end result was all the biomes look better than ever so it was worth it.


                  Originally posted by knektoid View Post

                  I hate being stopped by yucca plants, cacti, twigs and anything that is similarly easy to demolish. If would be nice if the bike could plow though those for a durability penalty.
                  Yeah I actually saw some things like that and fixed them. I have no idea why they had player collision on.


                    Originally posted by Lepid View Post
                    The hog looks sick! Will there be some kind of upgrades that you can apply to it? or paint it atleast?


                      Originally posted by Necrophobic View Post
                      Oh Look another bike that will fall through the world and go to fast for chunks to get rendered in .. wonderful.. how about fixing the current problem we have.
                      Oh look another troll who can't read. I already posted on twitter and here too I think, that vehicles have a brand new physics system, so no more falling through the world. They don't go too fast for chunks, unless you are modding or playing on an unsupported system.


                        Originally posted by graphite View Post

                        Has there been any thoughts thoughts to add extra attributes to the engines or tyres regarding fuel comsumption or is this an unnecessary complexity.

                        @Anyone know what the property VehicleStartChance does ?
                        We're probably going to simplify the bike slots because those slots are holding data storage that could be mods instead. So rather than a seat taking up a slot you will install a mod there.


                          Originally posted by ZombieToad View Post
                          I'm very disappointed that roland moved relevant posts of mine out of this thread. Shame on him just like SylenThunder powertripping on mod privilege.

                          My posts were regarding things that, if seen, may be put back in. I dont think MM is gonna go link hopping when he obviously has better things to do.

                          You shouldnt be moving posts you dont like full stop. Have some respect for the free speaking of paid members will you? Im not here to abuse people, just here to share ideas and challenge those that put other players down for not having modding ability.

                          Regarding that bike i noticed 2 things.

                          First i dont like the front, second the bike was supposed to be 2 seater. That looks nothing of the sort.

                          Does that mean 2 seats will be a concept saved for 4 wheel vehicles? Im curious.

                          Edit: @MM, on the off chance you see this, are you or would you contemplate the reimplementing of hud items?

                          You guys did such a nice job with it last time.

                          If not, would you mind sharing why the hud was removed previously?

                          Immersion. I don't want unneeded clutter on my screen.


                            Originally posted by Cotabucky View Post
                            +1 .I especially look forward to one day putting together a car or truck. That's what I had always hoped for and still do more than a bike but glad to see progress and especially with the overhaul with physics. I love Project Zomboid and love what they are doing with vehicles. I could see that being similar and awesome in 7dtd .
                            We're working on a 4 wheeled vehicle, and had these bikes laying around for years so we hooked them up.


                              Originally posted by Roland View Post
                              1) No posts were deleted but that whole conversation needed to be its own thread. It wasn't just your post but also mine and a slew of others that got moved. Don't go feeling special or targeted.

                              2) MM wasn't ever going to read that post of yours because it was buried way back and he doesn't read to catch-up on all the posts of the thread. Plus your post was of sufficient abrasiveness that I doubt you'd like his answer if he did read it. You asked it much more nicely this time and you asked it while he is about so that's good. But you put it at the end of a few paragraphs of complaining about moderation and it's doubtful he'll read through that part to see the last part. He likes brevity in questions. It's a toss up.

                              3) Free speech by paying customer intact. Your speech still exists. Go look at it some more if you want and amazingly you are still speeching freely.

                              4) Can you reference where a developer ever said the hog would be a 2-seater? There has been a lot of speculation by fans but I never knew it was officially supposed to be a 2-seater.

                              5) Madmole has answered that question before. The minimap with the four status bars around it isn't coming back. Madmole likes less clutter on the screen rather than more. The designers don't want people playing arrow on a top down map game. Maybe he'll repeat himself, for you....
                              Thanks for reiterating what I've said 100 times, I'm glad someone remembered.

                              We will look into passengers, and if succeed at it, we can easily change the art. This bike is probably 2-3 years old and we finally put it in. The old minibike code is in the code graveyard and we completely rewrote a modular vehicle system that uses real wheels and a suspension, physics, etc.

                              I guess these conversations are getting me in the mood to do videos, I remember now how much work it is typing out all the info to calm people's concerns.


                                Originally posted by Anabella View Post
                                Does that mean you slowed down the vehicles a lot? Cause I have had chunk loading issues on the minibike that was no where near top speed on SP and on MP (hosted game server with only 3 people on it).
                                So your PC is slower than a console? I think there are memory leaks and other crap going on, we've tested bikes on minimum hardware and they should keep up with chunk loading under normal rules. Add some mods in or have more than 8 players on a server, or a server that isn't fast enough, and sure there could be problems.

                                But to answer your question, the old minibike was probably the "top speed" and the new one will be nerfed some so that there is a noticeable upgrade for the motorbike.

                                Right now we're just hooking up the new stuff. There hasn't been any balance, but nobody has fallen through the world once with the new system, and there are some other very nice surprises I will reveal soon that came with some of the framework changes we made to support real vehicles.