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    Originally posted by Anabella View Post
    Madmole can we get a picture of just the bike so we can see how it looks on the front? The perspective (probably DoF) seems to be stretching it out a lot and making it look a bit alien ugly. I can see the gravel looks stretched so thinking that the bike isn't so long nosed like it is making it look in the pic. Thanks.
    It's stretched camera. I will do a video soon.


      New Concept Art!


        Originally posted by Jackelmyer View Post
        It's SOOOOO damn nice starting to see that list grow! *drool*
        The list and forum would explode if I told all. I'm going to start rolling out videos now and try to get you guys semi caught up at least.


          Originally posted by JaxTeller718 View Post
          Im not against us being able to build it at all. I love that idea. But with MM saying that assembly is gone from it for upgrades it would just seem a bit silly to let us craft the parts, then just magically craft the bike. But I guess this is the removal of ANOTHER step in crafting. So remove assembling it and just allow us to craft it. I wonder if gun parts are next?

          Im sorry if I sound bitter over it, I just hate losing MORE pieces of the puzzle for the sake of simplicity. We have lost a lot already for that cause.

          - - - Updated - - -

          Clicks link

          Sees 12 minute video!!!!!

          Thank you sir, digging in right now.
          We're moving things around. There is only so much storage for attributes and such. Would you rather have a "bike seat" that does nothing really, or be able to add armor to that bolt on slot? The initial release we just sort of filled those slots with stupid ♥♥♥♥ and nerfed things to simualate growth. Yes gun parts are probably going bye bye to make room for real mods. Nobody ever liked tearing guns down and combining ♥♥♥♥ just to un-nerf its intended use. This is just another sharp stick, I promise you you will not miss. The real fun is crafting something decent, then upgrading it to something badass. That is the overarching goal here.

          The good news? Player gun crafting. Then you seek out legendary "parts" to add to them, etc. Those slots wasted on barrels handgrips, etc can be used for diablo like mod slots.

          I mean nobody gets excited about finding an old handgrip in a box. But finding a full firearm that can be used is much more useful. Instead of tearing it down, repairing each part, combining a few parts, etc (all tedium), you would combine/repair two whole guns into one. Its the same mechanic without the micro assembly nonsense. That part would be used to install mods, which is way more rewarding. Real mods that are coded in to do cool ♥♥♥♥, not just simple un-nerfs to get a useless gun barely usable.

          You can disagree, but all it is, is people getting used to old fluff that we used to fill out an incomplete system. The finished system with mods and legendary weapons will be way cooler. But its still in its conceptual stage at this point, but whatever we decide on for guns is going to be the same system for vehicles.


            Originally posted by Gipothegip View Post
            Yeah, that really is too bad. But it wasn't really a big or important feature, so I guess I can kind of see why it might've been dropped.
            Zip, I'm safe, game over, hahahahaa. Oh wait I'm bored.


              Originally posted by Xtrakicking View Post
              With mods you mean silencers, different types of scopes, lasers, grips with more bullet capacity... etc.?
              Something cooler than what we have now, yes.


                Originally posted by Gipothegip View Post
                I was thinking more conventional attachments myself, like maybe you could slap a scope, silencer, and / or forgrip on a gun.

                Stat mods could be quite interesting too if that's what you're aiming for. If done right that could include the above and be even more interesting, actually. Like an ARPG sort of system.
                Its going to be a combination of some serious stat mod and some coded in special action stuff. And the system isn't just guns. Its a unified vehicle, weapon and clothing mod system. Tired of broken legs? Wear some legendary boots or mod your boots out with some kind of widget that reduces fall damage or specifically blocks / reduces broken leg chance.

                Right now no matter what your skills are and no matter what you are wearing you have the same chance to get infected, bleed, get a broken leg, etc. Once the new system is completed, it will filter all your resistances to damage types after the roll and that will be your chance to get it, which could be 0% with enough gear/skill.


                  Originally posted by The Gronk View Post
                  You took out an eagerly anticipated and unique mechanic because of that?

                  Surely there is a way to balance zip-lines such as Z's attacking the rope if they get snagged on it or snapping the line as the player traverses it.
                  We didn't take anything out, it was never really properly planned or implemented. It just doesn't fit into a real hardcore survival game. How many times have guys used zip lines in the walking dead? Ummm not once in what, over 100 episodes now counting FTWD. I'm not saying it will never happen, but we need to solve a lot of BS before we can seriously think about it and its not on the KS goals or gold goals so its just a distraction from finishing the game.


                    Originally posted by meganoth View Post
                    Very unlikely I'd say. If a player has his starting location deep inside such a part he might never talk to the other faction(s) and never have a real choice which one to join. Or he would be forced to relocate his base just because there is no trader of his faction anywhere near. Remember games like Fallout 3, you could find settlements of any faction anywhere on the map, it wasn't like there was a front line anywhere.

                    And especially when the factions have
                    A) bussinesses, casinos, farms to operate, settlements and shops to guard,
                    B) not really a surplus of workers and guards to throw into a fullblown war... (apocalypses tend to reduce the work force massively)
                    C) their prime directive is making money and stay alive
                    D) to defend against zombies who really own the surrounding land
                    then it isn't likely that there is anything more than a cold war happening. A "hot" war is bad for bussiness, costs a lot of money to operate and would only be sensible if you are sure you have a massive advantage and can win in a relatively short time.

                    Sure, they might pay YOU to remove a successfull trader of a different faction, but they also would make sure that nothing leads to them as the culprits.

                    I think they said something about Duke's Casino. So at a minimum you can use your money to play poker with marked cards
                    The Duke is like Neagan and charges the traders for his "protection". So they pay him a big cut of profits and he doesn't murder them or take all their ♥♥♥♥. So while they are loyal to Noah at heart, they fear the Duke so they secretly MIGHT support Noah but pay the Duke. The player will decide to join one or the other and do quests to find Noah and exterminate him or join the White River and try to kill off the Duke and his Army. Both of them are probably right in their own minds, but the player can decide what is best for the future of Navezgane.

                    But no, we don't need to re-order where anything is. The duke doesn't have traders, he doesn't need them he just takes his cut by force if needed.


                      Originally posted by Lonestarcanuck View Post
                      On the servers I run, we ask users to use engines lower than 250. My game server is high end machine with lots of memory and the game runs on an SSDs and we restart the game every 6 hours to deal with memory leaks.

                      still if you get 4+ minibikes on the game with engines over 400-600 you will notice lag spikes (chunk loading).

                      as a server owner/admin features in the serverconfig.xml to set speed limits on bikes/vehicles would be really great.
                      Ok. Well I don't suppose we've tested it with guys running in every direction on bikes loading tons of chunks from the server. We certainly have a huge list of optimizations we will get to by the time we're gold and hopefully don't encounter much more problems with vehicles.


                        Originally posted by Red Eagle LXIX View Post
                        Will A17 bring more ways to trigger buffs (sounds like some new kinds of buffs and attributes with the gun/vehicle systems might be in the works so a good time to ask)?
                        Those are some good ideas. Hopefully we can get some more ways in.


                          Originally posted by Roland View Post
                          I never said go play creative mode. I said disable zombies. That is still survival mode and you have to harvest all the materials you need but if your overriding concern is that you don't want zombies to destroy your base then turn them off. You can always turn them back on again if you get in the mood to battle again or plan to go scavenging. Also, I am specifically talking about what Royal described as someone wanting to go AFK for 30 minutes. They aren't even playing the friggin game at that point.

                          I agree with you that the game is not fully balanced and improvements need to be made but making it so that zombies cannot bash through anything is completely contrary to what this game has been since its inception. I'm sorry to break the news to safety zone fans but the devs are just not in your camp. They never have been in your camp and community feedback on this subject is not likely to change their minds. We can start a new conversation on retheming the game My Little Pony and that might have a slightly better chance at making an inroad.

                          Plans for zeds are not only to retain their ability to punch and reduce the HP of anything in the game (except bedrock) but also to improve their AI so that if you are hunted and they can't reach you they will start actively bashing nearby player placed blocks in the hopes that after some crumble crumble collapse they WILL be able to reach you. That is what the devs WANT to do with this game. So if you don't like it now where they can bash into your base and then spin in circles uselessly below you I'm not sure how you will like it when they stop doing that and start berserking on any nearby wall they can find to try and bring you down. And this is not just something the devs are doing because they think it is good. They are freaking excited for it.

                          I mean this conversation is diverting and interesting and in the end it could lead to some great mods and as Tin said possibly some options for those who don't have the same preferences as the developers. But....let me cut the BS and be honest with you as someone in the know....zombies in this game will always be able to punch through everything and there will be more and not less special infected by final release, and there will be no place to go and just be safe without actively defending yourself or at least having prepared passive defenses that will slow them down and stop them for a time.

                          Could they possibly change their minds on this? Sure. But you'd have to build a portal to an alternate universe at least 100 dimensional degrees removed from this one to witness it as far as I can tell....

                          Hope this doesn't dampen the discussion because I really hope there WILL be options that will allow some deviation from this course. I don't want anyone to be forced to play the game the developers want to make if they can alter it with an option. So no hate coming from me on this. Just being real. People often want to know what the devs really feel about this or that. I just told you for this issue.
                          That is not entirely true, we plan on possibly letting players rent a room at a trader some day and have safe storage for a fairly steep price. This is to allow players to go on quests and be more nomadic and enjoy the story (play more like fallout 4) without having to deal with a 7 day horde or build a base for that matter. Because when the AI is done, they will shred your base or at least any cruddy old bar roof top won't be safe as it is now.

                          We want to support all kinds of player builds, so if you want to be a sneaky assassin type or brawler with a sledgehammer, a commando, doctor, scientist inventor, whatever you can. And fort defense every 7 days might not fit into every play style so there should be options to join factions and pay your dues to not have to deal with that if you want to. We are working on a massive skill overhaul which will make for many interesting character builds and also allow some role playing and more than one obvious path to success. Right now its basically one class "survivor" and that isn't cutting it.


                            I wanted to also add, that at the end of the day it will be harder to escape from zombies. Right now its entirely too easy to plug a door and go to a roof and be totally safe. There should be a reason to build a strong base. A challenge to players to find a way to stop them from getting to you. Or as mentioned above, alternate ways to deal with the hordes, through character development, (im so sneaky feral hordes cannot find me), rent a room at dukes casino, etc.


                              Originally posted by Roland View Post
                              Kinyajuu, Kinyajuu, Kinyajuu!!!!
                              *Appears out of nowhere with a towel around his waist, holding a rubber duckie*

                              Oh crap, not again. One of these days you guys are gonna catch me on the toilet.

                              Prime and I were thinking about having a special terrain block that would go active when a block beside it is destroyed. So when you're digging you might dig beside a zed spawn and wake it up, kinda like a sleeper.

                              The other idea we discussed was allowing them to spawn in terrain blocks closest to the player near the player height if lower than terrain height - 3, if the player is at terrain height - 2 or higher, spawn above ground. This would probably be best for blood moon hordes. This way if the player is underground they'll spawn underground nearby right at the edge where terrain meets air, inset by one block (basically destroy the two blocks they spawn in, then they can dig their way out). If above ground well, they'll just spawn normal. Then on horde nights, if you go underground, you'll just be having to fight zombies coming out of the ground from around you, losing the ability to attack from further away unless you have a huge underground area hollowed out.

                              So if we were to do it, I think this would technically work, maybe even include the first idea above as the "biome spawn" just to add a bit of anxiety to digging around a lot.
                              Last edited by Kinyajuu; 10-18-2017, 08:32 PM.


                                Originally posted by Pille View Post
                                I would build a vertical shaft and fill it with hatches (or terrain blocks near the surface). So there wouldn't be any air blocks near the player.
                                Well good to know, I would be sure to add hatches, doors, and the blocks at player position and player position plus up a block to the check. Once you're at the bottom they could see your pos, and that you're in X block, know that one is okay, then follow the same logic, making them simply spawn 2 blocks away from your shaft, then dig into it and break blocks to get to you.

                                Keep it coming with ways to break it :P