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    Originally posted by Erik Louden View Post
    My guess is that he just made up those number so because he's tired of the question.

    If not, 1 bug fix created 20 more bugs.
    Generally it is people finding more bugs and assigning them to you.

    Monday/Tuesday I spent fixing AI pathing freezing in skyscrapers and optimizing the CPU load for those buildings, which is like a worse case pathing situation with around 200k path nodes. In the process I noticed light level issues where zombies can't see you half the time. Digging into that today I found some problems in that code. Meanwhile 3 bugs were assigned to me so far this week.

    Like digging a hole, but people keep tossing dirt back in.


      Originally posted by iscrazed View Post going backwards?!?! why would they get rid of that?!
      Because jumping is more fun. Only jumping and sleeping in A17. If you jump a thousand times, we give you a shovel, so you can dig to the center of the Earth. Once there the planet explodes and game over. The best end game content ever.


        Originally posted by OneSchott View Post
        @ faatal I know you guys are working on the sleeper spawning issue. Do you think this is something that will be solved when A17 drops?
        I hope for A17e.


          Sorry these are late everyone. I had rl to deal with today. I know these were linked and discussed many pages ago but I'm posting them here so i can link them to the first page.

          Originally posted by madmole
          Think of me when you see this, and remember to get some exercise in between killing zombies. I squatted 415 for 12 reps the other day. Lightweight baby!

          Originally posted by madmole
          Vehicles look amazing after the pbr texture pass!


            Originally posted by Death2gnomes View Post
            I dont understand why games like PUBG can do multiple passengers but 7d de-sync cant be figured out ?
            It CAN be figured out, but I don't want to right now. I have weeks worth of game play breaking things to work on that effect everyone now. A passenger in a vehicle effects a minority of people.


              Originally posted by KingSlayerGM View Post
              Gazz I don't buy that.

              What about frustum culling?

              What about the fact that what is rendered on my screen determines the fps, not how much map is loaded?

              What about the fact that the quadratic progression you mentioned, doesn't work with shorter values? (tested in game: if I lower my 'view distance' from 12 to 6, I do not get 4 times more fps)
              You singled out view distance but that is only part of the issue.
              Even if not rendered on your screen the game still has to keep this much more map data in memory (unused chunks are dumped back to the HDD) and run AI/pathing for an exponentially increased number of actors.
              We were talking about firearm ranges and it would be redundant to have a 400m active range but nothing moving and shootable at that range, no? =)

              This is not the kind of game where displaying the graphics is 98% of all the work done.


                Originally posted by Viperel View Post
                It doesn't sound like extremely much but increasing 2.78 times means going from 36,864 blocks to 102,400, where the performance drop is not linear in this type of game, saying you go down from 60fps to ~22.
                Gazz explained some pages back that going to 400m would give you 1/16 of the FPS.
                Well, not exactly. That was just a crude example of how exponential increases work.

                In reality... it's complicated but the fact remains that if you run 16x the playfield and by implication any animals and zombies that might be lurching around in there... where does that CPU power come from?

                People say "multithreading" as if that was a switch that TFP are just too dense to turn on. (spoiler alert: that's not how this works)
                The more complex a project, the more interaction between systems, the less suited it is for multithreading because you cannot have an actor plot a path over a bridge that an SI calculation in a separate thread has already set in motion falling down.


                  Originally posted by Aldranon View Post
                  mutex locking might help synchronize the threads. The key is to use small sections of code when locking.
                  That's all nice and well but it's a huge can of worms to open on a game that starts smelling beta-ish. =)
                  I believe Kinya uses some multithreading for random world generation but generation speed is not a bread & butter feature of the game so it will take as long as it takes.


                    Originally posted by toores View Post
                    But can you run while strafing?
                    No, you're all getting virtual segways.
                    And you will have to use the cursor keys for turning.


                      Great. So we've had recent discussions about the words "they", "is", and "if".

                      I like "pulchritude" so please consider that one.

                      Originally posted by Sakurambo View Post
                      i don't know about the rest of your example, but Schweppes Tonic Water in italian traslate as Schweppes Tonic Water
                      Google translate is much more fun if you translate into several languages in a row.
                      (Gradually watermelon!)


                        Just in case anyone overlooked that detail: 7DTD is not a chemistry simulation.

                        You craft antibiotics from rotten bread and magic white powder. Because science.

                        I believe there was a time when you made clay (a silicate) from corn.

                        You may point out that it doesn't make sense but my most likely response would be: yep.
                        (now go back to killing zombies that make even less sense, k? =)


                          Originally posted by AaronG85 View Post
                          sad to hear but do you think it will be fixed by like 17.x or is it a 18/beta fix?

                          My only reason is the wife is useless at the minibike and gets the ♥♥♥♥s when I leave her for dead LOL.
                          Probably be a few months after A17.1 is out, whatever version that ends up being.


                            Originally posted by 4sheetzngeegles View Post
                            Faatal is the new stealth meter, tied to
                            1% to 100%, min/max light level, or .xml SightDetectionMin/Max?

                            Will it adjust if I change the xml parameters or is it a fixed output?
                            I think 4 different people have contributed to stealth code, settings and UI, one of which is not longer at the company. I don't know without looking, because I have not seen what the UI is doing to show it.


                              Originally posted by Gamida View Post
                              Oh snap, did you just leak the theme for TFP's next you are in so much trouble now...
                              No. The next game is about jumping higher. Each jump you gain more altitude. At a 1000 jumps you will be in orbit. We then give you a giant plastic sheet so you can collect solar radiation and leave the solar system. If you let the game run for 80 years, you will be in Alpha Centauri. You then use your sheet to parachute onto this lovely earth like planet only to discover it is occupied by millions of zombie dinosaurs. After collecting tree branches and some crystal stuff for 10 minutes, you can build a death ray to destroy the zombies and rid the universe of their evil. You are so happy, but you die in the process, both in the game and of old age.


                                Originally posted by cnconrad View Post
                                faatal I am sure this has been asked but I have not seen the final answer.

                                Are 4 piller bases still zombie proof?

                                I havent built one in a while but as long as you build 4 blocks off the ground you can build a base that never gets attacked. Has that changed any?


                                Depends how big it is. Right now they will seek blocks in the general area if you are above them and they can't get to you. Make it big enough and they won't find the supports, but would it collapse at that size? Never tried a huge stilt structure, so don't know if SI would collapse it or not.