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    Originally posted by Xeen View Post

    What happens after the hour passes and someone is still inside (the reason doesn't matter), does it reset the timer to an hour and start counting down again and rinse and repeat theoretically forever until they leave the hourse, building, POI or whatever?
    Yes, the timer continually stays at 1 game hour until everyone leaves.


      Originally posted by wordwaster View Post
      read this. do it. read the whole thing twice. this post contains valuable knowledge and wisdom.

      quit slacking off and get back to work. i'm sick and tired of you wasting valuable coding time reading this post! lazy good for nothing so and so.

      Sure, but tomorrow. I'm done for the day. I don't generally count forum time as working.


        Originally posted by Xeen View Post
        Explain it to me like I'm not a programmer because I'm not and that's too technical for me to understand.
        Well, all bedrolls are checked. Does not matter if you are online.


          Originally posted by Xeen View Post
          Would you please give me some real game context as to how that would affect game play?
          Your buddy clears a POI and places a bedroll and/or a land claim. You log in. He logs off. You visit his home. Zombies previously could spawn as you entered the sleeper volumes in that POI. Now it stills sees his bedroll and will also see his land claim, so zombies won't spawn in the POI.


            Oh boy, oh boy.
            PSA to those who really only want to read the dev diary, not wild-haired preachers on soap boxes:
            You can click on a user name and put that user on ignore on the profile page.

            If I need crazy, I watch a flat-earth video. At least these guys are funny. (if unintentionally)
            Come to think of it, the 7DTD world is flat. Dammit!

            Originally posted by Dimpy View Post
            Speaking of Antarctica, will we be seeing a frozen desert sub-biome?
            Yes. It's on the underside of the world. Where else?

            Originally posted by Roland View Post
            Gazz, if you detect an alien craft under the ice just leave it alone. Space craft under the ice in Antarctica are ALWAYS bad...
            No worries. We have a spaceport and proper customs protocols.

            Originally posted by Dauthiatull View Post
            Really? I have beta tested over a thousand games and alpha tested 200 +.
            Most before steam existed some before the internet. Of those only about 20% ever made it to gold. Seems this generation is doing just fine.
            I've been a beta tester in the days of Compuserve and AOL.
            Most canceled projects never make it to the news because it's not much of a click-worthy story when something that nobody knew and cared about isn't happening.
            With an EA game that players knew about, it's more likely that there are a few clicks in it.

            Originally posted by The Gronk View Post
            Gold: Final bug-fix
            Beta: Mechanics in, buggy
            Alpha: Mechanics are broken or missing
            Pre-Alpha: The mechanics are written on paper
            Pre-Pre-Alha: The mechanics exist as thought
            That's all nice and well but humans routinely make a mess of terminology. Never simply assume that people know what they are talking about. =)


              Yah, but that also means that zombies (and sharks) end up inside/on top of your base as well.

              Originally posted by Dauthiatull View Post
              Aaaand there goes the houseboat idea


                Here's a couple more UI menus to drool over. Super exciting stuff...

                Character Screen (my attempt at Raylen Givens...)

                Crafting Screen with Pistol Recipe

                Personally, I love how much duct tape is used now in so many recipes. Duct tape holds the apocalyptic world together!
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                  There is value in patience. And in pie.

                  Originally posted by wordwaster View Post
                  It’s is being treated as a normal ingredient. So 1 book = 1 pistol
                  Because that is how books work. You kids and your “interwebz” wouldn’t understand.
                  Pretty much.

                  Did no one notice how useless A16 schematics are once you found The One?
                  Why would anyone want game content to become useless the second they encounter it? That would be crazy!
                  How many pistols do you need to craft? 50? 200? What for? Throwing them at zombies?

                  Imagine a schematic that conveys different properties to the crafted item so you can actually get different things with the "same recipe".

                  I'm certain that some will see that as another attack on the brilliant feature of spam-crafting. All I can say to that is: Oh. Whatevs.

                  And if you are about to explain how this is going to make crafting skills useless: Nope. Way ahead of you. Way ahead and far out.
                  Last edited by Gazz; 09-14-2018, 07:50 AM.


                    Originally posted by Orsey View Post
                    Roland, so will we must read pistol scheme for crafting the pistol or scheme is it only ingredient?
                    Originally posted by wordwaster View Post
                    It’s is being treated as a normal ingredient. So 1 book = 1 pistol

                    Because that is how books work. You kids and your “interwebz” wouldn’t understand.
                    Wordwaster is correct. 1 book = 1 pistol

                    And that is exactly how g̶l̶a̶s̶s̶ ̶j̶a̶r̶s̶ uh...books work....
                    Last edited by Roland; 09-14-2018, 07:46 AM.


                      Originally posted by Guppycur View Post
                      Speaking of traders, I'm all for removing them entirely. Getting all geared up by day two because you sell all your crap is just a cheap cheat.
                      That is why I don't like them and usually ignore them. It is like I'm in the apocalypse, but wait there is a Walmart.

                      I'd prefer they were gated somehow, like on day one they don't trust you and rip you off. Over time they get to know you and give you more reasonable deals.


                        Originally posted by Jackelmyer View Post
                        Wait... Really? Is there a range on that? Some padding on the range?

                        I've built POIs with multiple sleeper volumes. If I put a bedroll on one corner of the POI, I could be outside the boundaries of multiple sleeper volumes.

                        Soo... Clearing a POI and dropping a bedroll wouldn't exactly mean the POI stops spawning zombies.
                        The way bedrolls suppress sleeper volumes is not new. The fact that they do it offline is and that land claim blocks also suppress them.


                          Originally posted by konrax View Post
                          I actually don't understand why all the hate people have with having anything on the UI, when people say "it isn't realistic at all" or "the UI takes away the immersion" kind of frustrates me.

                          In real life, when you are hungry, you know you are hungry without needing to open you phone to check to see what your hunger meter is. If you are hurting, and your leg is mangled, you don't even need to look at it to know your leg is in bad shape... you just know. This is what the UI is for, to conveniently tell you information that you would normally know just from being physically connected however the only option to represent this is visually (or sound but it isn't nearly as direct unless the characters SAY what their issues are).

                          I'm a fan of having food and water on the screen because I think it ruins immersion to have to check a window to see if I'm thirsty.
                          Agreed. In the real world your senses tell you all kinds of stuff a 3d view and speakers do not.


                            Originally posted by The Gronk View Post
                            Wasn't their talk of NPC factions, possibly introduced with bandits? Is that still a possibility?
                            For A17? A snowball's chance in Walmart...

                            Later? Who knows?


                              Originally posted by Grs View Post
                              @faatal What is a sleeper volume exactly? A POI wide area where zombies are allowed to spawn, is it? What happens if I place a landclaim block on a first floor if a skyskrapper? Will that prevent zombies on the a top floor from reappearing, given it's far beyond landclaim block reach?
                              Picture time:

                              That is my path test prefab in the prefab editor with sleeper volumes shown. The blue cubes.

                              Each one contains 1 or more zombie spawner blocks. When you get near a volume it spawns some amount of zombies at those spawner blocks based on volume and block settings. It picks ones you can't see, or if remaining are seen, it just spawns at the farthest ones.

                              Land claim checks don't use Y positions, so it covers the entire height from bedrock to sky.


                                Originally posted by Roland View Post
                                Maybe....but the invisible HUD mod is so cinematic and fun to play that just going off of the hunger pain and thirsty audio cues is worth the risk that you might miss those things or that they might come too late. Honestly, I just always eat in the morning when I get up and at night when I get safe and that works just fine to keep me fed and hydrated. I like having no compass or day number or time displayed a well. You easily lose track of time and get into dangerous situations.

                                And the payoff is seeing nothing in front of me but the wide world I'm playing in. Hoping for the option someday. Just make it so that the interact button will work when you press f7 and it'll be golden.
                                Roland, I hope you get your wish someday. I won't be using it, but options are nice.