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    I did some testing. I started at 9am, did the tutorial and bought 2 mother lode 1 str and the perk that does 20% more damage. I chopped wood and a bit of stone to maintain my stone axe. I made 125 coins by 3pm, so I could have doubled that by 10 at least. so 250 a day isn't great but thats using a horrible tool on day 1, as I level and get better harvest, gear etc it improves as it should. Its a zero risk job so it shouldn't pay well IMO. My typical play through I pick up every chair and scrap it so I have 1000's of spare wood to sell for a little supplement income. I'll chop wood at night to kill time too and again, sell what I don't use to keep my forges going.


      Originally posted by iBane View Post
      Will future A17 updates likely be tweaks and we should expect another significant Alpha (18) update to implement any remaining big changes (like RWG)?
      Our focus is to optimize performance, fix bugs and balance A17. Hopefully A17 will include this new RWG, as it is a top priority too.


        Originally posted by Maynard69 View Post
        Thats weird, Ive been on 20k map servers where I get on a bike and travel to every city on the map and every single city is looted.

        Alot of people dont travel, but those of that love to explore really miss the larger sizes. I mean all these new vehicles need a big pen to roam in.
        I'm sure you did, and I'm also sure 80% of the map still wasn't uncovered. Most people stick to the roads and there is much unlocked space.


          Originally posted by PoppaTot View Post
          Will the bits of RWG that are being worked on be available in A17x? Just curious, no sarcasm intended. The reason I ask is because I'm on my 4th RWG creation this morning for a new YT series and haven't found a map that is not 70% water. I literally start spawned in the middle of a giant lake, I went into flight mode and could not even find land?
          I think some of the new code accidentally ended up in 17.2 exp. It will be done when its done, hopefully A17x.


            Originally posted by The Gronk View Post
            There's a tendency for MP groups to stick close to each other, this isn't an issue in SP but there is a tendency to stick to a single area once you have found a good place to set up if you're on your own.

            I play SP and I find an 8k map to be far too small. Hell, I generated a 16k map for 17.2 and that felt too small. I wandered naturally to find a good spot as I usually do and ended up in the same place twice with two consecutive games.

            It's not the square footage of explored areas that's important, it's the ability to walk for days in a straight line without being constrained by an artificial barrier.
            Welcome to every game on the planet.


              Originally posted by DaVegaNL View Post
              So the planned RGW changes are planned for A18? That's a bit sad to hear.. Hopefully it will come soon, so I can play the game again
              I said splat maps are coming in A18, not new RWG code, which is coming hopefully A17.


                Originally posted by Royal Deluxe View Post
                i am now at 14000 Wood, results comes soon
                You should make 1750 or so.


                  Originally posted by sillls View Post
                  Hay Madmole, what about that new city that is being built in the wasteland? The one on the navezgane map?

                  Nine city blocks and surrounded by radiation. Hmmm...?

                  Are we going to see that in Alpha 17?
                  There will be no changes to A17 that require a new game start, so no.


                    Originally posted by The Gronk View Post
                    Define "80% of the map".

                    Are we talking square footage of area uncovered? With distant terrain you can scout an area from a high point without having to actually uncover it.

                    Are we talking about people never travelling further than a 10% radius from their starting point?

                    As many have mentioned, it's not how much land you can explore, it's how far you can travel in a straight line. I used to have great fun preparing looting trips to a city a day or two away. I'd have to make sure I had enough supplies with me to build a temporary base overnight and a hard time choosing what to bring back with me when time came to return. Now there's little opportunity for such extended trips and with towns being so close together no point in actually doing one.

                    People stick to the roads because _ALL_ POI's are on a road. Stick some high-value POI's in the wilderness without road access and you'll likely see people wandering off into the wilds to look for them.
                    80% of the fog of war was not removed.


                      Originally posted by OldManBrian View Post
                      I think it's a mistake to interpret the data that way through. It's not about exploring a large percentage of the map, it's about the freedom to drive in one direction without encountering a wall.

                      My group and I went back to a16.4 for a variety of reasons, but one of the big ones is the dramatically larger map sizes. Our mid-late game consisted of packing up and moving to a new city in search of the next perfect base / build project. We always saw something new and unexpected, and it kept the game fresh and made each playthrough a mystery because you didn't know if your first area was going to be any good or not.

                      I'm sure 90% of our exploration was completely confined to areas near major roads, which is a very minor portion of the map, but the difference is we could pick a direction and just go without almost immediately bumping into the end of the map after a town or two.
                      Its not like we don't want to support large or infinite maps, but lets be realistic. A very high quality high performing map beats an infinite or very large and ugly slow performing map. I prefer smaller maps because it takes hours of real time to meet up with your friends or hours between frags which is boring for pvp.


                        I see pretty much any "job" in the apocalypse as a part time job you do to make a little extra money from surplus supplies so you can get some shiny thing you just don't quite have enough money for. Need 500 more dukes to buy that shiny mod? I can go cut wood for a few minutes and maybe afford it then. That kind of thing.

                        I think a perk or book that lets you sell more of the same items to traders would be fine.


                          Originally posted by Ranzera View Post
                          I'm a little curious what effect this all had on aquiring solar panels and also the picnic table exploit.
                          I just saw this.... the problem is he buys a whole stack lol.. 115 isn't absurd but buying a whole stack for 57k is.


                            Originally posted by Ranzera View Post
                            Hell, he'll buy 3 stacks if you've got them on hand. It sounds like a necessary nerf came down. A full stack went for over 200k dukes in 17.1
                            LOL its still way op. There will be another nerf coming for this.


                              Originally posted by RestInPieces View Post
                              This is not the way to do things man. First nerf things to the ground - more than you have to, allow for some backlash, then buff them a little to the point you wanted to nerf them in the first place. People will almost be happy with the result.

                              You have my respect that, through the tears, you can acknowledge that these changes will be good for long-term gameplay. Not many have the resolve to do that :P
                              I always like to halve things, or double them, then halve back. Gazz likes to change things in small increments. My way is more disruptive but much faster IMO. Depends how it feels of course, but double it, cut back half of that and be at 150% usually works better than adding 2% 25 times.

                              For the picnic table this falls outside the scope of the other nerf and is still op, I was able to sell a stack for 75k or something absurd.


                                Originally posted by Penzed View Post
                                A thought, which is in my mind science a long time about the trading machines you can find in the world. They are in pois, which where there before the zed-apocalypse happen. So why they use the "new cash" casino coins. I would like to see that they only accept the old papermoney.
                                Another idea is, dont let it restock as the traders do. Maybe never, maybe as loot containers do.

                                ( And why all that machines only have food. In our mad world i can imagine there are machines which sell ammo, at shotgun messias f.e. )

                                [Hope is the correct thread to post my idea. And sry english is not my native language]
                                The duke wants to deal with his own casino coins, and he's in charge. Cash is still worth some money but the coins are his new "gold standard". Vending machines could have been stolen (no time to break into it right now, zombies are coming, so take it to my house and break in where its safe and quiet). Why do I have a 1979 millenium falcon? Shouldn't be there after all these years yet there it is lol. I have an erector set in perfect condition lol. Why people have stuff is not to question. We had an old vending machine in our garage to keep our pop cold when I was a kid... I don't think its unreasonable at all to find a vending machine in a house in an apocalypse where bandits or settlers moved in and horded anything of value for a while, then something went bad, raiders or a herd killed them.