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The Official A17 Developer's Diary for Developers

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    The Official A17 Developer's Diary for Developers

    Hi Guys, I just wanted open up discussion of Alpha 17. Sorry we have been tight lipped about it, but I wanted to try something different this time where we talk about finished or work in progress features rather than stuff we simply planned. This leads to less frustration because usually once something is started we finish it, where its easy to plan a bunch of stuff and have it slip through the cracks, which is disappointing for all of us.

    I will say we're ramping up the team, we've hired two new senior programmers, a concept artist, an environment artist, a designer, and we have about 5 new full time world builders. I'll begin showing stuff on youtube real soon. I have two keyboards hooked up at the same time now so I can annoy people if I want, or use the quiet keyboard if I want

    NOTE: No release date will be estimated. It will be done when the issues are solved and the known bugs have been fixed. We're closer than we've ever been before!

    Hitler Vids
    Spider Meme

    A17 News: Use these links to skip to the parts of the A17 thread where developers appear!

    Wallpaper and Trader Bob Images
    Trader Bob Compound Concept Art
    First look at bicycle
    First look at THE HOG
    Concept Art Video
    Bathtub and Modular Pallet art assets
    Dungeon Prefab Video
    Player Mocap and Vehicles Video
    First look at new Stag
    First look at school bus model
    Zombie Ragdoll and more video
    Madmole comments and answers questions
    Madmole comments on newest video concerning Bosses and HP bars
    Kinyajuu comments on A17 system overhauls
    Kinyajuu comments on the A17 weapon mod system
    Madmole confirms jeep for A17 and shows new menus
    faatal shows pics of gyrocopter
    faatal reveals dynamic origin point used in A17
    Madmole shows footage of gyrocopter and other vehicle progress
    Madmole shows footage of combat enhancements and more.
    Madmole posts a video by Prime about dialogue system and quests
    Kinyajuu posts a video showing current weapon's testing
    Madmole returns with a video and comments about weapon crafting and mods
    Faatal talks about AI and pathing
    Madmole returns with a video and comments
    faatal posts about vehicle xml and AI/pathing improvements
    Kinyajuu posts about micro-stuttering fixes
    Kinyajuu posts about RWG pregeneration
    Madmole shows new tree model, road making tool, new store
    New Water Screenshots posted
    New Lighting Screenshots posted
    Ambient lighting examples shown
    New Live Oak Tree
    Screenshots of new Unity 2018.2 lighting
    Screenshot of a ranger station after horde night
    Screenshot of Shotgun Messiah Factory interior
    Screenshots of Feral Wight Zombie
    Scary Zombie Screenshots
    More Screenshots
    Gym POI and 4x4 glamour shot
    HD, PBR block textures
    Kinyajuu gives details about the buff/item/progression/mod system.
    Madmole shows new perks
    Madmole shows beer dispenser texture and more perks
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    The Official A17 Developer's Diary for Developers

    A17 Feature List: Updated as Developers reveal them!
    • Vehicles Overhaul
      +New Physics
      +New Vehicle: Bicycle
      +New Vehicle: Motorcycle
      +New Vehicle: Jeep
      +New Camera Controls
      +Shift button to increase Torque on Bicycle for uphill speed
      +Space bar to bunny hop on Bicycle
      +Jeep can damage blocks.
      +Steering using the mouse 2/12/18
      +New Vehicle: Gyrocopter 10/15/18
    • Sleepers 2.0
      +Vulture Sleepers
    • Dungeon POI 2.0
      +Environmental Hazards
      +Zombie Closets
      +Climbable Trellises and/or Vines
      +Backstories for many of the POIs
      +"Helper Blocks" that visually show whether containers are empty or lootable
      +Random loot containers to make each POI unique for where loot may be
      +More than 70 new POI's that have been level designed 4/14/18
    • Player(Bandit) Motion Captured Animation
      +Separate male and female movement styles
      +Players now look up and down and always appear to be breathing
      +Combat movements including power moves 2/21/18
    • Weapon Overhaul
      +Replace gun parts with attachable modifications, compatible with buff and skill frameworks
      +Whole guns instead of parts in loot containers
      +Weapon quality determines how many mods can be attached
      +Mods won't have quality tiers. 3/21/18
      +Removing a mod may not be possible....still in development
      +Size of crosshairs accurately reflects cone of hit probability.
      +All mods use a single item id# but allow for 30,000+ variable mods possible
      +Power moves for melee weapons use the right mouse button and expend stamina 2/21/18
      +Weapon sounds tagged to animations to better maintain sounds syncing correctly 2/21/18
      +Perks and skills and buffs will affect various aspects of each weapon 2/21/18
      +Weapons can be crafted at workstation. Mods added through assembly interface 3/20/18
      +Mods won't be craftable. Obtained through scavenging, trader, and quests 3/21/18
      +Weapons can be tinted to other colors using up a special tinting mod slot 3/28/18
      +Six tiers of weapons. Each tier determines how many mods can be attached and durability. 7/24/18
      +Weapon damage determined by mods and skill and not weapon tier level. 7/24/18
    • Buff Overhaul
      +Improving old buff system with a more robust and optimized framework
      +Designed to work and stack with blocks, items, weapons, clothing, skills, perks, and attributes
      +Can be triggered and modified by events during a buff's lifetime.
      +Designed to be modder's wet dream 9/15/18
    • Progression Overhaul
      +Improving old skill system with a more robust and optimized framework, also designed to work with items and buffs.
      +Character attributes added to better create classes and differentiate play styles.
      +Must do activities in a category to improve the category and unlock perks in that category 7/24/18
      +Not enough skill points to buy everything. Specialization is the vision. 7/24/18
      +Debuffs can cause temporary loss in attribute scores which then cause temporary loss of perks. 10/13/18
    • Integrated Survival System
      +Changes to how health, stamina, fullness, and hydration will work
      +Hunger represented by reduction in stamina max. Eating restores max 4/14/18
      +Thirst represented by recovery rate. Higher thirst means slower recovery of stamina and health 4/14/18
      +There is now "temporary" damage and "permanent" damage. 8/26/18
      +Temporary damage recovers slowly over time according to hydration 8/26/18
      +Permanent damage lowers your HP max. It can only recover through first aid items. 8/26/18
    • Quest System
      +Cool new group quests
      +Dynamically spawns a boss to guard quest objective
      +Dialogue system that is fully moddable 3/5/18
      +Trader initiated quests 3/5/18
      +Quests and quest POIs will work in Random worlds as well as Navezgane 4/19/2018
      +Party quests will provide xp sharing when party members stay close to each other 7/24/18
    • Stealth System
      +New Stealth related display bar with as of yet unknown functions.....
    • Terrain and World
      +Distant Trees 2/12/18
      +POI Editor accessible in main menu
      +Terrain Editor accessible in main menu 3/20/18
      +Navezgane terrain vastly improved 3/20/18
      +New Height maps for interesting cliffs, ridges, and better variety 4/14/18
      +Random maps will be pregenerated to load as fast as and play as optimized as Navezgane 4/27/18
      +New tree model for forest biome 5/21/18
      +Underwater decorations 6/24/18
      +Random Generated Worlds are now 8000x8000 meters 7/24/18
      +Random Maps assigned a "county" name for multiplayer server games in order to hide the actual seed name.7/24/18
    • AI and Pathing System
      +Zombies scan obstacles in 3 block height and target the middle block followed by bottom then top blocks depending on block hp 4/19/18
      +Zombies prioritize obstacles according to block health. 4/19/18
      +Game scans terrain for multiple pathways a zombie can take after any change. 4/19/18
      +Turn smoothing and prediction added to reduce appearance of zigzag grid following 4/19/18
      +Zombies are slowed by water resistance when they move underwater 4/26/18
      +Zombies can dig downward when they detect a target below them. 4/26/18

    A17 Changes and Fixes List: Updated as we learn them from the developers!
    • Every biome remastered for Unity 2017/ 2018 5/30/18
    • Game Engine update to Unity 2018 5/30/18
    • Removed player collision from yucca and aloe to improve travel
    • Replace houses in Diersville with dungeon style POI houses
    • XP indicator bar added to HUD directly above the tool belt
    • Directx11 and Vulkan menu items in game launcher added
    • Zombies ragdoll upon impact by vehicles and no longer impede vehicle movement
    • New art and animations for Deer
    • Deer split into Stag and Doe versions
    • Additional paint textures added
    • Wainscotting Block added
    • Current Wellness system removed
    • Small decorative pipe set added
    • Window trimming added
    • Reworked the main menu navigation and appearance
    • Increased the block id limit to....[higher than it was] 1/26/18
    • Pause feature added to MP but only active when playing solo. 2/5/18
    • Added Dynamic Origin Point to prevent the shakes when far away from actual (0,0). 2/11/18
    • Map viewable while using vehicles 2/16/18
    • Arrows stick to targets (Everdeen!) 2/21/18
    • Quality tiers indicated by color and number 3/20/18
    • Gun parts removed. Guns can be crafted from same mat types as all other craftable items. 3/20/18
    • Shift reverted to familiar controls for running 10/12/18
    • Zombies running in circles fixed and overall pathing and movements and actions improved 4/5/18
    • Zombies ragdoll when stunned 4/14/18
    • Plains folded into desert as sub-biome and maple and pine forests merged into just one forest biome 4/14/18
    • Base movement speed increased. Running changed to "sprinting" which uses up stamina much more quickly. 4/14/18
    • Micro-stuttering caused by UFPS camera and garbage collection has been fixed 4/24/18
    • Friend chat/ Party Chat/ Global Chat modes added to chat window 5/1/18
    • Water reflections and shading fixed and performance boosted 6/6/18
    • Vulture flight, attacks, and idling behaviors improved 6/8/18
    • Ambient lighting added 6/29/18
    • Backpack inventory increased from 32 slots to 45 slots. 7/24/18
    • Gamestage calculation simplified: (Level + Days Alive) 7/24/18
    • Challenge quests found as notes grant xp instead of skill points. 7/24/18
    • Zombies are no longer lootable nor can they be harvested. 8/26/18
    • Bodies despawn instead of changing to gore blocks. 8/26/18
    • If zombies have loot they will drop a loot bag. 8/26/18
    • Arrows are retrievable 8/26/18
    • Sprinting only increases speed when moving forwards. Player can still walk backwards, but not sprint. 8/26/18
    • "Using" an item in your hand remapped to left mouse button 8/26/18
    • Inventory slots "remember" what was in them so repairing a tool will return it to the same slot etc. 8/26/18
    • Armor has encumbrance and will slow the player's movement speed. 10/12/18
    • Armor divided into two classes: Light and Heavy. 10/12/18
    • Inventory split into free and encumbered slots. Items in encumbered slots slow movement. 10/13/18
    • All harvestable plants are harvested by hitting with free hand instead of using with "e" 11/1/18
    • Harvested crop returns to first stage "baby plant" and regrows 11/1/18
    • Seeds very rare 11/1/18
    • Xpath is native to the 7DTD mod system 11/14/18

    Dropped Features:
    • Behemoth
    • Ziplines
    • Plains & Maple Forest as full and distinct biomes
    • Blimp 7/24/18
    • bandits officially postponed to A18 7/24/18
    • smell detection by zombies 10/12/18
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      The Official A17 Developer's Diary for Developers

      Here is a concept of the new Trader Bobs!

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        Originally posted by Adam2535 View Post
        Thanks! On another note, I decided to grow my beard out.


          Originally posted by The Last Survivor View Post
          Wasn't it already grown out before? I can't imagine how big it is now lol.
          Yeah its already big. I'm thinking of going extra large.


            Originally posted by SittingDuck View Post
            Cool... so is that Bus design like a mini POI? I mean i would like to see that beauty crashed on some roads ^^
            The plan for that is 3x3 meter sections or whatever size works out, a back, a middle you can extend as much as needed and a front. Maybe a smashed variant, we'll see. It would be a dev block but still it should help. We're doing crushed cars too that Bob uses for his walls.


              New vehicle system is coming along!

              Shawn has been working hard on a new vehicle system! All new real physics, no falling through the world, feels so natural now!

              Yes the old stuff is gone, RIP. New physics are great, feels like GTA.

              Hopefully [bikes can be painted] at some point. Its very easy to mod in other colors.
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                Originally posted by ZombieToad View Post
                Regarding the bike - it's about time. Great work and great addition btw.

                Really need cars in though. I notice MM wrote new vehicles in the plural so im hoping that turns out.

                The bike needs to lose the minibike icon and there shouldnt be any sign of fuel or battety anywhere either 😂

                When I first saw the bike I got palpatations, but then my rational brain took the pilot's seat.

                How downtrodden we are, and how outdated this game is such that we become exasperated when we see rather trivial improvements that you think would have been in the game.

                Just shows the position we're in as players that we are so used to getting so little after such horrendous time frames that we get so excited when thrown scraps like starving dogs being thrown a morsel of rotten chicken skin.

                Hopefully this will change with the expanded team.

                That new physics thing has me intrigued too, and a basket on the front of the pedal bike makes a lot of sense.

                But if we get that, minibike storage should be ever so slightly increased.

                But seriously MadMole come on! Cars, cars, cars! 😎😎😎
                It's barely in so the hud will be appropriate when its more polished. Cars? No. Cars would get stuck and be useless with the conditions of the roads. Big armored 4x4 off road vehicle? Yes.


                  Originally posted by graphite View Post
                  How about a tracked amphibous vehicle

                  Oh yeah, like those are common and craftable by common survivors.


                    Originally posted by bayaholic View Post
                    What about cars that respawn once they are harvested? I have been playing on MP servers and I believe the admin has to add cars back in once they are demolished. Otherwise, you are S.O.L. looking for engines and other goodies that cars give out.
                    We're working on some respawn options of chunks, pois, etc.


                      Originally posted by Death2gnomes View Post
                      so to peddle this we have to spam alternate left and right arrow keys to make it move?



                        Originally posted by sillls View Post
                        So what your suggesting is that while your not planning cars. You are planning to put in 4x4's? Is that it?
                        No, and no.


                          Originally posted by nickt2 View Post
                          Yes please, nice come back Madmole. This would be a very welcomed addition and provides for many possibilities , although I never really had any reliability issues with Minibike in single player. Okay it didn't exactly look cutting edge, but it was certainly functional for sure. Will be interesting to see how you cope going up hill, does it improve your stamina and give you legs over time like Schwarzenegger.

                          I,m very interested in the possibilities for the bandits/ai players, this would add endless fun!

                          Okay, would be cool to see any of the following also:

                          Pet taming
                          NPC to assist with base protection and maintenance.
                          Water enhancements, boats, physics, fishing, crop irrigation.
                          Zip lines

                          The hype train is on the go. Keep up the good work. Its much appreciated.
                          Most of that stuff is kind of on the radar, but Behemoth and Zip lines are on the cutting room floor.


                            Originally posted by Jackelmyer View Post
                            Uh... Wait wait wait hoooold the friggin phone. Did you just say "Yes" to a big 4x4 off road armored vehicle?! Is this possible in A17? Is Roland not appending this MM comment to the original post because it's a maybe? How is this not THE statement people are latching onto?!

                            EDIT: Oops. They are. Lol.
                            We are working on concepts for the 4x4. It is not in production. In general, larger tires = easier to implement with the new physics system for vehicles so the design favors trucks before we do cars. The plan is to implement everything we've had sitting around first, so minibike, bicycle, hog, and then gyro copter, after that a 4x4 or off road vehicle, hopefully. And somewhere I want to shove a horse into the mix as well.