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Alpha 17.4 quest activator doesn't appear

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    Other Alpha 17.4 quest activator doesn't appear

    I have a mission called "you're nothing special", once I get close to the mission marker the game tells me to "kill some infected" but the floating exclamation point doesn't appear to actually start the mission, this is the second mission where this has happened, can't remember what the first one was called.

    Try looking under the ground. I have same issue with lvl 5 Fetch n Clear in Hospital


      I had this issue once on a public server. I dug into the ground for a while looking for it. I never found it and eventually just gave up and abandonded the quest. There's plenty more so it wasn't worth stressing about. It's only happened once ever for me playing on many public servers.


        We've experienced the issue a few times on our server. I never thought to dig/look underground for it. I'll have to give that a try. We've just dropped the quest and got a new one in the past.