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electric fences stop working only on horde nights 2x in a row

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    Other electric fences stop working only on horde nights 2x in a row

    I built a kill corridor 2 wide and 3 high, with 3 ramps leading up to it.

    On the top of it, I have a generator and electric fence posts (8x) that run from the top to an area under the kill corridor. It worked perfectly for several horde nights. 2 wide, with 4 vertical electric wires running from the top to the bottom.

    On day 77, after adding some dart traps for fun, the electric wires didn't work. I figured I must have messed something up with the dart traps and considered it a fluke.

    So I double checked everything on day 83. Turned on the generator, walked into the wires, got a shocked. Great, things are working

    Day 84 rolls around, I get set, and again, none of the wires are working.

    Has anyone experienced this? I wasted a ton of ammo and resources 2x now.



      And... the electric fences worked during the morning after, with zero changes. I had a screamer arrive, and the fences worked just fine. Gah.