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18 b4 - Non stop multiple screamers

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    I don't personally have much issue with screamers. I mean, I have a lot, but it's fair game. I have 8 forges and 3 chem stations and SMG auto turrets...I have 2-3 screamers a day in A18.4 EXP. They usually dies in some spikes or gunned by turrets but they still call some friends to come over. It's fun and annoying, but it's alright. I just stop my crafting for a minute, go outside, kill those z's and get back to work. Free XP.


      Originally posted by ZombieSurvivor View Post

      Read <-- admitting to my mistake

      Thanks for bringing back up an old mistake I had made, I hope that by throwing my mistake back in my face, helps you get your rocks off buddy.

      and read <--- apology for my mistake

      Why don't you read before posting. You would have already seen that I admitted my mistake and I apologized.
      Congrats you figured out I'm only human and make msitakes like everyone else.
      Sry m8..... never ment to stomp on you. I am just like you, a human who makes mistakes. sry