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Vanishing bases glitch?

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    Other Vanishing bases glitch?

    So I've not really managed to figure out what exactly is causing this and the results vary wildly but the end result is the same and I've seen it all over the place. Currently my working theory is that when someone activates a quest it resets the cell that the quest is located in rather than the building or area that the quest is located at. We have had people on our server and on other servers, Hell I am sure it happens in single player too, They have all lost some, most or all of their base, IT was entirely replaced by rock if it was a bunker or just straight vaporized. This is a huge problem because it isn't just people who live in POI my group lives several km from the nearest town there is no reason for this to happen to us and yet we lost a huge chunk of our lovely base. This really and truly needs to be looked into and fixed as quick as possible. Whats the point in playing if your days of hard work can vanish due to a glitch?

    Do you please have outputlogs to provide?


      This has happened to me NUMEROUS times in a18.

      I didn't record a log, but the game fails to load *spawn* something and then spawns a honey log, a rock, a birds nest, or some other random thing (or nothing even) and deletes a square of your base (maybe 10x10 or 15x15 blocks or so). Parts of it keep on standing, but the "main" parts (forges, storage, chemi station, etc.) all gone.

      I haven't been able to make it even to day 14 on most of my SP games due to this and it's kinda frustrating.

      To be clear, I'm running with mods... SMX (UI, BBM, menu and HUD), donovans less grind, more lootbags, longer lootbags and megastacks, and also RELXIX more traders and trader advertisments.

      I'm spitballing here, but could it be that the game fails to load the non-vanilla stacks or other non-vanilla things and just gets stupid and says *♥♥♥♥ it, have a tree stump*?


        You don't need to record a log, the game does that. And keeps even older logs around. Just look into your game directory into 7DaysToDie_Data , there should be a lot of files named "output...". Any error messages you have seen in the console will be in there as well.


          OK, found it, thx
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            Since the error is happening while reading a chunk it looks to me like corrupted data in the saved world. So IMO the error in the log is just a result and not the initial cause.

            Before that event I don't see anything strange happeing in the log. The mods are the most likely cause. If you want to cross all dots you could also make a harddisk/SSD check. And bugs are still possible too.

            Maybe someone else spots anything. Meanwhile your decision to ditch the mods is a good one.


              Afaik, Donovan's Mods were made in Alpha 17 and not updated for Alpha 18.