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    Mechanics Sleepers keep sleeping

    I did a run on a shamway factory, ran trough the groundfloor blasting around with my AK trying to lure everyone out. I ran past some workers while shooting who still slept. Managed to lure everyone out and kill them along with screamer that showed up from all the shooting. Just to walk back in and see a few workers still sleeping. 2 of them i am 100% sure where sitting right next to me while shooting. Yet they kept sleeping.

    Same happened in other POI´s already.

    If you leave the sleeper volume area without killing all the sleepers, it will re-spawn sleepers. Most POI's have multiple volume areas.
    This has been a mechanic since a17. Attempting to cheese a POI by luring the zeds outside doesn't work so swell anymore.


      What about a spear that got stuck in a sleeper that dissappeared? And no it didn´t break, i saw the "press E" popping up for a second before i died.