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Game Crashing Immediately on Loading Into World

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    Crash Game Crashing Immediately on Loading Into World

    It's a week old 18.2 world on day 33, randomly broke one day. I can move for less than a second before the mouse separates from the crosshair like I've gone into an inventory and then the game just disappears into the aether world, closed and gone.

    -Singleplayer world, 1 person cap
    -Switching to OpenGL and or disabling EAC didn't fix the issue
    -Lowering graphics settings pre-world load didn't either
    -This doesn't happen in a new test world I made, whether in 18.2 or 18.3
    -18.3 did not fix this bug
    -I'm not maxing out any hardware and have plenty of space on all drives (20GB free on boot, 80+ free on game drive)
    -Updated nVidia drivers, didn't help
    -Did the anisotropic filtering fix just to see, didn't help
    -Verified game files twice and reinstalled twice at different steps in the process, no change

    Core i5 6500
    GTX 1060 3GB
    8GB DDR4 2133MHz HyperX Fury
    ASUS B150M-C MicroATX Mobo
    Brand new EVGA 500w 80+ Bronze (had to replace it recently, but all done before even starting this world)
    120GB Kingston SSD for boot
    2 x 1TB WD Blues, one for games (has 7 Days) and one for Photoshop and Premiere saves and stuff

    Crash log from when it crashed earlier this morning right before updating to 18.3, but the problem is still the same so I assume this log is still accurate:

    The electric fences are causing the crash. I'll get this one tested and sent to the devs. Thanks for your report!

    Edit: Report sent.
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