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Server Crashes Due to 1x1 Trigger Plates & Blade Traps

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    Crash Server Crashes Due to 1x1 Trigger Plates & Blade Traps

    My server keeps crashing every time I try to connect the 1x1 Trigger Plates to Blade Traps on my base. The configuration I'm attempting to create is as follows:

    Generator Bank => 1x1 Trigger Plate => 1x1 Trigger Plate => 1x1 Trigger Plate => Blade Trap

    The Blade Trap is mounted on the wall of my base so that the blade swings through the upper block of a zombie's model. The three 1x1 Trigger Plates are beneath the blade trap on the floor. This allows me to crawl beneath them to trigger the plates to confirm functionality. Unfortunately, while the system seems to function as desired (when the server isn't crashed), it seems to crash my server whenever I move across the 1x1 Trigger Plates too much. I haven't been able to test it with zombies instead of myself, but I have no reason to assume it would be any better.

    I'm using a dedicated server from, so I don't have a log/console file I can provide. Any thoughts based on the information I was able to provide?

    Here's a screenshot with some indications as to how everything is supposed to be connected:


      Which alpha build? What OS?


        Originally posted by Beelzybub View Post
        Which alpha build? What OS?
        2020-02-17T19:04:26 0.363 INF Version: Alpha 18.3 (b4) Compatibility Version: Alpha 18.3, Build: Windows 64 Bit
        2020-02-17T19:04:26 0.363 INF System information:
        2020-02-17T19:04:26 0.364 INF OS: Windows 8.1 (6.3.0) 64bit
        2020-02-17T19:04:26 0.364 INF CPU: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E3-1240 v3 @ 3.40GHz (cores: 8)
        2020-02-17T19:04:26 0.364 INF RAM: 32727 MB
        2020-02-17T19:04:26 0.364 INF GPU: Null Device (128 MB)
        2020-02-17T19:04:26 0.366 INF Graphics API: NULL 1.0 [1.0] (shader level 3.0)
        2020-02-17T19:04:27 0.399 INF Last played version: Alpha 18.3


          I couldn't reproduce this in either SP or MP.