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    Other Vehicle dupe

    No idea if this is known, I did a search but nothing pops up.
    I decided to go into the world edit thingie and when I got out and back to the map I play on I now have two 4x4 trucks and 2 mini bikes with exactly the same stuff in them.
    The normal game is now also starting in god mode with cheating set off...?


    The god mode issue is known and reported internally.

    Will have to look into the vehicle issue.



      thought i would add in here. i've also seen the vehicle dupe glitch on my multiplayer server. no idea how it happened though but it may help to know that i have never used the world editor. we had about 5 motorbikes made and suddenly 2 more appeared at base and nobody saw it happen. at some points the bikes would glitch out and fly across the map and disappear - not sure if it's related. i have a feeling they are reappearing duped back at base after flying off.

      we also had our 4x4 dupe (no complaints there!) - it looked like it may have duped after being rolled upside down in our base but honestly not sure.


        Playing 18.3 Stable on a rented BlueFangs MP server and have observed several vehicle dupes in our game (Currently Day 170+, 90 minute days). I can't reproduce the glitch, it appears to have something to do with a combination of the following factors.

        1) Parking Vehicle
        2) Loading/Unloading Vehicle Storage
        3) Picking Up Vehicle

        My brother just informed me he went to pick up another player's motorcycle and after doing so the dupe occurred and the bike was still in its original location and now also in his inventory.


          Today, I jumped in my gyrocopter and drove it a few blocks forwards then picked it up shortly after exiting and then noticed another gyrocopter in the previous location it was parked before driving it forward....


            Same here. Got a 4x4 truck spawned in test world, filled it up with some goods, then unloaded all what it had and went to base, coming back noticed that the goods in the 4x4 are there again! Spawned in another 4x4 and destroyed the previous one and as soon as I vehicle was destroyed another copy of it miraculously appeared with all the goods in it same place where the previous one was! Tried to destroy it a few times, no success, it always comes back as soon as is blown up. Also notices that sometimes containers loose the loot you put there kind of restore there previous stance. Went on a mission and brought 3 treasure maps, put em in a container, went on another mission, came back and wanted to get those maps and find the treasures, but map was not there. Same happens with ammo, special separate crate for apps sometimes miraculously replenishes)))