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nullpointer exception when modifying tool in quest reward dialog

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    Crash nullpointer exception when modifying tool in quest reward dialog

    Game Version: A18.3 b4
    Platform: PC
    OS/Version: Windows
    CPU Model: i5
    System Memory: 8 GB
    GPU Model and VRAM: gforce gtx970
    Screen Resolution: 1280x720
    Video Settings: Low Custom
    Game mode: SP

    Did you wipe old saves? No
    Did you start a new game? Yes
    Did you validate your files? No
    Are you using any mods? No
    EAC off

    Status: NEW

    Bug Description: Game reports null pointer exceptions when modifying and item in the quest reward dialog. I started a game from scratch and was able to reproduce the bug with a different tool.

    Detailed steps to reproduce the bug:

    1) Start new world PREGEN01
    2) put a level 3 stone pickaxe in your tool belt
    3) accept a quest, do the quest, go back to trader
    4) talk to trader (open reward dialog)
    5) don't select a reward, but rather select your pick axe and click modify

    Actual result: console is stuck open, and a null pointer exception is reported in an infinite loop

    Expected result: modify screen for the tool, so I could remove the modifications to compare its naked stats to one of the rewards


    I do see that the info screen isn't showing correctly, but no Null.
    Checked this in A18.3 B4, A18.4 B3 EXP, and A19.0.

    Could you post your output log to pastebin? Instructions here.

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