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18.4 b4 (EXP?) bugnote list 3/26/2020

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    18.4 b4 (EXP?) bugnote list 3/26/2020

    ///Data collected in dedi server unless otherwise specified.///

    Trees on hillsides 'disapear' when a player gets close and 'reappear' based on view angle to the tree from player perspective.
    Tree only invisible on 2nd stage of growth
    T1:Plant tree.
    T2:Tree has 300 hp *Bugged*
    PS: These bugged trees seem to have allowed me to plant within the no-plant radius of other trees due to spamming the 'plant' key when planting enmasse.
    Unsure if it was spamming or planting on hillside that caused the bug.

    Randomly on P2P game, host would 'softlock' and nobody else noticed the problem. Chat was still active and working but host p2p could not input a command.
    After about 10-60s, the game would let go on its own and everything rubberband back to sync'd position. (Its not lag as everything else worked fine- voice comms over discord, facebook, ect.)

    Cars 'bounce' when harvesting.
    The anti-stick code implemented to keep them from clipping into the ground appears to be the culprit.

    Zombies are spawning within 3 bloks of player.
    ///Intended mechanics?///
    (Entering Poi from 'strange' direction like above via frames. -sleeper invisible/Not rendered before trigger despite being in plain view?)
    *NOTE* I was able to replicate this bug both using godmode and flying into a building as well as simply using frames to enter a Poi from not the 1st floor or doorway/window.

    AudioManager::AudioData::Play() - Failed to load audio clip Sounds/Animals/Snake/snakepain1

    Two players attacking any same block/node causes the node/block to heal if hit at the same time.

    In-game voice comms still randomly activating and sending audio when not asked to do so.
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