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--- Read before creating new threads ---

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    --- Read before creating new threads ---

    Hey there,

    as you are reading this you probably want to report a bug or ask for support on a problem you are facing. This post will outline some basic rules for each new such thread that you are going to start.

    Threads not in line with these guidelines may not get the fastest responses.

    Generic stuff

    First of all if you are having a problem running the game on Windows make sure to try out the "Launch without AntiCheat" (EAC) option and see if that fixes your problem. If it does still continue with the reporting process but indicate that your problem seems to be related to running the game with the AntiCheat.

    Also make sure to get answers to the following question before posting if the problem is related to an ingame aspect:
    - Did you start a new game and re-create the issue?
    - Have you validated your files through Steam?
    - After validation, did you re-try with a brand new game?

    No matter how trivial the problem might be...
    - List the seed name, and coordinates of the issue.
    - State the size of server/host (how many players playing at the same time)
    - Is everyone else on the server (if applicable) experiencing the same issue? If so try to get same info from them.

    Basic rules for reports
    • Use the search first!
    • One issue per thread
    • Short thread title giving a quick info on what the issue is
    • Try to select the thread Prefix that is fitting most to your problem
    • Be as concise as possible, e.g. what happened / is the problem, how did you get to that point
    • Provide the log file of the game (see below)
    • If it is about a performance, hardware compatibility issue, or anything like that, please provide system stats. Speccy is an excellent tool you can use to publish system information.
    • If you have made ANY modifications to the code or xml's outside of changing server options, please refrain from submitting a report

    Log files

    Depending on where you were experiencing a problem provide either the log from the client, the server or both.
    • You were playing singleplayer, hosting a multiplayer game with the game or were playing a multiplayer game but do not have any way to get a copy of the server's log: provide your client's log
    • You were playing multiplayer on a server that you can get the log of: Provide both your client's and the server's log
    • There is an error hosting a server: Provide the server's log

    The logs typically reside in these locations:
    • Windows client
    • Windows client as dedicated started through startdedicated.bat
    • Windows dedicated server
    • Windows dedicated server started through startdedicated.bat
    • MacOS
    • Linux client calling the executable manually
      <homefolder>/.config/unity3d/The Fun Pimps/7 Days To Die/Player.log
    • Linux client using the default start scripts (or through Steam)
    • Linux dedicated server calling the executable manually
      <homefolder>/.config/unity3d/The Fun Pimps/7 Days To Die - Dedicated/Player.log
    • Linux dedicated server using the default start scripts (or through Steam)
    • Linux dedicated server with management scripts

    Please find the appropriate file, open it, copy everything. Then go to ​, paste all the text in there, click Submit and then post the link in the thread itself. If the log content is too big to be pasted on, try or attach the log file to the thread.

    TL;DR: Nothing here, make sure you read the stuff above. This makes life easier for everyone and more likely for you to get help.

    Chris a.k.a. Alloc
    The Fun Pimps

    PS: If you feel like this guidelines need further points or clarification don't hesitate to drop me a PM.
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