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    Other A13 Bugs and Opinions

    Allow me to preface this by saying I thoroughly love A13! I will create a new post in this thread with screenshots when applicable when I encounter new bugs. All the below are from a new game, with new character profiles for everyone.

    • FPS- As several other players have complained, I too am suffering from a variety of FPS issues in different game environments. I play the game regularly with three other friends (who have a variety of rigs). The person I play the game the most with, and who had no real issue running 7DtD before, was suffering from FPS so bad the game is unplayable. (9 Frames.) That was with all his settings turned down to the absolute minimum.

    • Sliding Around on Floor- One player believed this was caused by equipping his torch shortly after dying.


    • Motion Capture (Zombies)- I love the knock-back system, but sometimes they pop up or slide up.

    • Infected or Bleeding Out Without Being Hit- If a zombie swipes at me, I sometimes receive one of these debuffs without actually having been hit, or receiving any feedback for being hit.

    • Black Mass (Lighting?)- If you start the game without creating a character profile at all, you are a black female mass with two eyes. Further, sometimes the lighting turns my companions into black masses for a few seconds, regardless of the clothing they wear.

    • Random Generation- There have been several more valleys and pits in this build than any other, several of which are impossible to scale. It makes terrain incredible difficult to traverse, and they seem too frequent to be realistic. At one point, the main road came up at a 90 degree incline.

    • Random Generation (2)- Houses and Other POIs have rocks or other buildings spawn inside of them, cutting off the remainder of the buildings. I have also encountered invisible cars, trees, and rocks that spawn suddenly when you pick up something near them (like grass or a stone.)

    • Character Jerking Hands Up and Down- It looks unsavory, and my guess is that this has something to do with the FPS that player is experiencing, but we did get a good, long laugh while watching. At one point or another, all the toons began jerking their hand up and down from waist to face, and the head bobbed up and down as well. It's resolved by simply logging back in.

    • Friends List (Invite and Track.) - Sometimes, when a friend would die or log back in, I would no longer track them on my compass. By unchecking track, I lost them as a friend, and had to send a new invite to be accepted, and then clicked track again.

    • Chickens- Their bodies sometimes stretch out like the old crawlers used to do when you kill them near a rock or uneven terrain.

    • Passwords Copying- I created a game to play with a password. When joining a friend's game, and then attempting to return to my own game, I found the password had suddenly set to whatever he'd used as a pass. We ran similar settings, so I'm unsure if anything else copied over.

    • Hot Weather Survival- My friend and I, both wearing absolutely nothing in the desert and running up a road, had issues with the temperature. While doing nearly the exact same thing, he had a temperature of 104 at one point and I was fine. (He was not infected.) The only difference is that I play a female character, and he a male character.

    • Raw Meat- I want to see the varieties of meet reinstated in game. I understand the move towards simplifying certain aspects, but I loved having pork, venison, and bear meat. I also love that they all give you different bonuses to health, wellness, and fullness.

    • Female Noises- I don't hate them (although they did sound odd to someone not playing, but they could hear my toon), but I believe they should be all together less frequent, and that most noises should play when I'm beneath 2/3rds of my pool of stamina.

    • Toolbelt- I liked the older styles more (they had sass, grit, and a great mood style), and I wish there was a number indicated at the bottom so I knew which button to mash in my panic. I think to compliment this, the quality number on the item you make should be a small #, at the top right in the corner of the icon.

    • Menus- There is something strange about them. Maybe it's muscle memory, but their layout seems odd and I struggle for fluidity. I'd love to be able to simply move them around myself.

    • Durability and Early Tools In Game- I like the idea that the struggle is real when you first start, and you have to earn your way to badassery, but I find that the stone axe is woefully weak against trees, small blocks, and especially when looting houses. I would like to see the power of the axe tweaked significantly.

    • The Yield of Stone and Trees- I believe these need to go up, significantly. Or that the tools need to grow in strength a little. (See Above.)

    • Right Click Menu- I know that they have all the options in the center when you click on an item, but I miss the right click menu. So fancy.

    • Arrows- I'd like to see maybe two arrows crafted from every one stone, feather, and wood. I go through them quickly. (5 was too much, one seems just a tad too little.)

    • Durability Bar- I think the downward facing arrow is unnecessary, and just adds clutter to the screen.

    Final Thoughts- I'm still playing through the early game, and will comment when I get a better feel for everything, but I do have to say I love the changes overall in Alpha13. Thank you for all the hard work you put into it. I can't wait for the next release (but I really, really, really hope it isn't as long before we get our hands on it.)
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    Same here with the framerate issues making it so that my wife couldn't play the game anymore and we had to go back down to 12.5. Runs pretty well on mine, though, with settings pretty close to maxed out. That said, as soon as zombies show up there starts being inordinate amounts of lag. Someone was suggesting that if you start the game without Valve EAC then the lag with zombies around does not happen; I'm presently on 12.5 and couldn't test this yet.

    Regarding both the male and female noises, the running ones are the main problems to me. As my wife put it, "it's like someone who never runs made this." Knowing madmole is quite a gym rat (it seems?), perhaps he's more strength than cardio, haha. But people don't really start making noises like that even at the end of marathons -- literally. A few people have strange habits of that sort of noisemaking in order to urge themselves along the last km or whatever, but it's more a psychological "pump myself up" thing. If they were running from danger no way would they need that sort of pumping up -- or even want to make a sound!

    I completely agree on the various types of meats. My wife was also super bummed about that.

    I noticed the valleys and pits, too.

    I also saw issues with houses cut in half, and even a couple of houses sunk halfway into the ground (all still intact down there, but just filled with dirt like a mudslide had happened). The latter was on a biome transition, so maybe that was related.

    I, too, dearly miss the right-click menu for Scrap and Use in particular. Those are things that we could do from other containers, which was really nice. Now we can't do those from other containers I don't believe. Certainly even if we can, there's far more moving of my mouse around the screen to get to things.

    Drag and drop "feels off" in the menus. It was not working a few times for my wife, just randomly not picking up the thing she was trying t drag. Maybe it was related to framerate stuttering. I in general love the new UI, and the bits that I don't love I or others figured out how to mod out, so we're good there. But that one bit is beyond standard modding.

    The mocap on the zombies feels a bit campy to me. Some of it is extremely good, and others of it feels a bit on the cartoony side. Other parts are glitching. Overall it does feel like an improvement, but some of those captures really need to be redone to be more menacing and less "I'm having a seizure as I come for you."

    The zombies feel like they've lost a lot of personality from their individual states, mainly because they are all so very very dark until killed. They all seem dark in this version and that does make things odd. Beyond that most of them do look quite good, though. Although the guy with half his head missing does seem to have a cartoonishly round head. The distension and posture of the bloated walker also really feels off. I love the old one in terms of general feel.

    Final Thoughts: Going back to 12.5 felt like a huge step down, but the performance issue made us have to. The lack of building variety in 13 is also just really disappointing; I expected more official POIs. Since the community-made POIs are currently busted, it really emphasizes just how barren the official POI list feels. What is there is super good, but there's not much there relatively speaking. Getting someone on staff to get permission to use player prefabs and then intentionally curate them and make them part of the official builds would be good for all those masses of people who don't normally go looking for mods.


      Thanks for responding above!

      I wanted to say that since 13.1, the friend I had that could no longer play the game was able to log in and play fairly well. I think that the Frame Rate and stuttering issues still need some work (there have been much rarer occasions that we lagged out, or crashed entirely) , but I will say that the hotfix was incredibly helpful in this particular instance. I'm going to try and launch without Anti-Cheat, as I've seen some comments that launching without helps.

      I also thank TFP for addressing the female player noises and tweaking the axe strength. (I'd still like to see it a bit stronger, myself.)

      • Disappearing Dropped Items- On several occasions, when throwing something (usually a tool) out onto slightly bumpy terrain, the item disappears entirely the exact same second into the ground.

      • Exploding Backpacks- Sometimes, when simply opening a bag (mistaking one as mine!), and closing it out, it explodes and sends the contents flying everywhere, despite having not been emptied.

      • Bleed Outs, Infections- While I know that the rate of these were both tweaked, I still feel they are too high. My friends and I might be incredibly unlucky, but we often receive one of these debuffs once every four connects.


        Has anyone else has trees (or other objects) appearing out of now-where in near vicinity of a player in A13.1?

        Zombies yes (known feature) but any other objects?

        I just picked a small stone from a ground and a whole fir tree appeared out of thin air right beside me only couple of feet on front of me. First small rock and a snow, picked rock up and the next thing there was a three trunk and it's shadow materializing right there in my cone of vision like a snap. Kinda big thing to suddenly appear to fill the screen space.

        Same seemed to happen on a Sunday when I was playing A13.0 and it looked like a big tree materialized same way out of thin air when I was backpedaling but I was kiting a couple of zombies ATM so i was not sure did I see right what I though I saw happened and then because others have reported wonky shadow behavior so I thought it might have only been a tree shadow flicking on and off but now exact same happened again and there were no other distracting things in sight.

        Both times were a local SP game.

        This was first time since A6 or A7 when I started to play when this kind of thing has ever happened so seems like A13 thing.


          Horrible dupe bug needs fixed.


            Yes it is happening, but is pretty rare. It seems to happen mostly on slopes for me and has something to do with some sort of object hiding that is not working correctly in all cases.


              Bug: scrolling through the skills menu doesn't work nice. Hovering over it with the mouse pointer anc clicking behaves erratic, sometimes a skill can't be selected at all.

              Not a bug, but very nice to have: it would be nice if the Scrap option would not be right below 'Read' / 'Use' button. Better swap the 'Scrap' and 'Drop' buttons.

              Small bug: chopped away a refridgerator (because of the sound), fridge was gone but fridge sound remained. Sound was gone after relog.
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                Originally posted by Mcanic View Post
                Bug: scrolling through the skills menu doesn't work nice. Hovering over it with the mouse pointer anc clicking behaves erratic, sometimes a skill can't be selected at all.
                This! It sometimes works to close the menu, look around and then recheck the skills menu to select different ones.

                Another possible bug: My buddy slammed a door in my face and it deposited me unharmed on the roof of the building. Has anyone else had something like this happen?


                  I too have FPS issues, and I've noticed that the in-game FPS counter is telling me that the game is running at 60-80 fps but it still stutters like crazy. I'm starting to think the FPS counter is broken, or that it's not even related to the FPS at all because the stuttering is absolutely terrible no matter what.