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Alpha 13 - Minibike bugs

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    Multiplayer Alpha 13 - Minibike bugs

    Greetings, as the server I normally use is still in the works to get A13 running my girlfriend and I decided to take on the new Alpha 13 kind of old fashioned way: Hosting from home, joining over steam as client.
    Worked nice so far, but we wanted to look around a bit so we activated the creative mode and I build two minibikes with parts ranging from quality 200-300. I filled the tanks drove one in a small circle but:

    My girlfriend as host couldn't see the finished bike, it was the bare chassis, even after relog. Only 60 seconds after they were built and fueled up, the fuel was to 0% and the battery was dead at 0%. So basically unusable atm. Tried again, same results.

    We built the bikes in a desert biome if that is of any interest mechanics wise.