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7 Days to die - Forces Overclocking Graphics Card 13.3

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    Graphics 7 Days to die - Forces Overclocking Graphics Card 13.3

    After starting 7 days to die my graphics card started spinning fast and within about 10 mins it was loud enough to hear over my 8 speaker surround system :/ I tested this on 4 other pcs to make sure my pc was not to blame. Even tested a pc with tremendously good air flow. Before any fellow technicians ask me; Vsync Full was on and all graphics were lowest settings. Also on another note I can play GTA 5 on ultra just fine without such GPU burnout.

    Please don't ask stupid questions; such as "What is your room temp?" I would not post this if my problem was such a simple fix.
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    7 Days to die - Forces Overclocking Graphics Card for 13.4 [Fullscreen Bug]

    In the latest patch the issue is not resolved at all; however I found a work around for the issue. I found out this weird behavior is somehow related to full screen functionality. After a bit of experimenting I found out the game plays normally in windowed mode.


      I merged both threads and ask you to provide more info.

      What hardware are you playing on?
      What OS?
      Latest driver?

      The more info you give, the earlier the devs might help.

      I cannot repro the issue with an i5, 16GB, 760GTX on Win10.



        It sounds more like a heating issue causing the fans to start spinning at 100%. The game should not be able to overclock you GPU.


          This game is pretty demanding on your system. It wouldn't be OCing your GPU, it would just be working harder and your fans spinning faster. Monitoring MSI temps I've found that my GPU gets ~4C hotter on 7DTD on medium settings than it does with GTA5 on high settings.