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Movement stutter / frame lag while at 60+fps

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    Mechanics Movement stutter / frame lag while at 60+fps

    It displays a reliable 60+FPS average, but frames are occasionally lost and while in flight mode, there's a very noticeable stutter in movements (especially when doing circles around a tree).

    I tried lowest graphics settings (with lower 16:9 resolutions too) and the problem was still there, no improvement at all. Lowest settings or maximum settings makes no difference at all.

    My computer specs:
    OS: Win7 x64 (no antivirus, no firewall, no b.s. running in the background aside from RivaTuner and PrecisionX)
    Res: 1600x1200 (4:3)
    CPU: Phenom II X4 965 @ default 3.4GHz
    RAM: 8GB ddr3
    HDD: 320GB Sata 6GB/s (EDIT: tried it on a Samsung EVO 250GB SSD with Alpha 12.5, no difference at all)
    GPU: GTX 660 S2 3GB (tried old drivers and latest drivers)

    I've done all kinds of tests already and have confirmed that I'm not the only one with this issue. Hardware doesn't seem to make any difference. It's not a graphics quality related issue. It has to be a mechanical issue within the game / new engine that seems to be only noticeable to those paying attention.

    While moving in game and looking at the third party software on the secondary monitor, my CPU peaked at 80% for the first 2 cores, averaged 60% for the first 2 cores, 40% for the other 2 cores. When not moving, 23% average for all 4 cores.

    The graphics card on medium-high settings barely broke a sweat, temps were still low.

    Ram never reached past 3GB used.

    For everyone else... post your feedback on this exact issue (do not post about low fps or anything else unrelated), it might help the devs figure this one out. (and prove that I'm not the only one with this issue, lol)
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    Pretty much the exact same issue, I just haven't done as much testing with it. Low-Highest settings are almost identical FPS-wise, but the micro (sometimes major) stutter is always there, every few seconds, while moving. Crouching/standing also causes a pretty bad visual stutter. I don't think this is an actual game stutter, so I'm not sure if it applies to this problem or not, but it's there.

    OS: Win7 x64
    Res: 1440x900 (16:10)
    CPU: i5 4690k @ OC'd to 4.0GHz from 3.8GHz
    RAM: 8GB ddr3
    HDD: Can't remember off the top of my head, but I'll add later.
    GPU: GTX 760 2GB


      I noticed the same issue the first time I logged on, the settings were set very low. I was getting a good frame rate but walking or running I would see a micro stutter ever 5-10sec. I maxed out the graphics settings and the issue went away. I feel like it might be a setting causing this, have you played around with each option to see If you can fix it?

      OS: Win7 x64
      Res: 1920x1080
      CPU: Phenom II X4 955 Black edition, Overclocked
      RAM: 16GB ddr3
      GPU: Radeon HD 7950 overclocked


        Originally posted by hunter77 View Post
        I feel like it might be a setting causing this, have you played around with each option to see If you can fix it?
        Oh hell ya... spent way too much time messing around with the settings between high and low and testing different things.

        It's nice to see completely different rig setups in here though. Just adds more proof that it's not our own hardware related.


          I'm getting similar. With everything maxed out with the exception of AA at 2x - FPS ranging from 80-120 with is great, but the game skips or studders every few seconds. High or low settings...

          8gb 1333
          980 gtx
          120hz monitor


            yeah same here no matter the settings i can be in an open area nothing going on but it will do the same stuff here and there.


              Here are my system specs, and I even got the same issues, just not as pronounced.


              OS: OpenSuse 13.2 64bit (Linux)
              Res: 1680 x 1050 Windowed (16:10)
              CPU: AMD 8350 8 core fx @ default 4.0GHz
              RAM: 16GB ddr3
              HDD: 1TB Sata III
              GPU: GTX 960 2GB (349.12 nvidia drivers)


                Not as high FPS as OP, but very consistent, regardless of settings. Getting 15-20.

                My machine is a stock Alienware 14 (for hardware) with 8GB RAM and naught else running but steam, Chrome for these windows, and 7DTD.


                  Just out of curiosity, is anyone else getting the crouch/stand screen stutter as well? It might be a different issue than the microstuttering, so I'm wondering how many others (if any) have that. I also just went up my first ladder since the new version and UUUGGGHH. So, much clunky stutter effect.


                    Yeah I get shutter while crouching if I'm moving, same with jumping


                      Originally posted by Salamanderrake View Post
                      I even got the same issues, just not as pronounced.
                      From your video I can say mine look just like yours.

                      I've been getting the stuttering as well. Running/sneaking/attacking. It seems worst at initial load up, but it happens every so often whether or not I'm moving to a new area/biome or simple mining/crafting. Sometimes in the middle of combat an entire attack animation simply doesn't play but I hear the impact/result/blood

                      Win 7 64bit
                      AMD FX 6300 / 6 core 3.5GHZ
                      8GB ram
                      Radeon R9 280x 3GB
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                        It's weird. When I posted on the stuttering issue before, there was hardly any feedback. From what I can tell so far, the stuttering basically seems to be gone. It was "introduced" at some point during Alpha 7 and still bothered me in Alpha 10, but the switch to Unity 5 seems to have solved the issue on my system. However, you guys in here probably didn't have that issue before, but now you do. But that's what I had already figured out before: This issue only affects some certain system setups, so it's difficult to track down since there are so many different pc setups out there...

                        Someone suggested that I should use a RAM drive. I acutally did that and it was a perfect workaround for Alpha 10. I haven't tried with the RAM drive now, but didn't notice the stuttering issue from before anymore. But maybe you guys could try this workaround for Alpha 11: Transfer the game folder to a RAM drive and see, if the stuttering will be gone.

                        As a side note, I've noticed that RAM usage for this game has gone up from 2 GB to 4 GB. At least on my system. But that's a good thing since 4 GB is still not much and I've noticed no performance issues so far. From my point of view, I'm glad the game finally makes better use of the given system resources...
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                          Same here. At low or high settings I have 60 fps and microstutter (if I move, crouch, jump, fly...).

                          Windows 8.1 Pro
                          Intel Core i5 3570k OC at 4.2GHz (Thermal and Power reduction activated in BIOS, maybe it's because of this?)
                          12Gb DDR3
                          Radeon R9 290 (OC by Gigabyte and latest drivers from AMD)
                          1920*1200 - 60Hz
                          SSD Samsung 840 EVO 500Gb
                          ASUS Xonar Xense audio (Audio from motherboard desactivated)
                          Razer mouse and Logitech G19 Keyboard


                            I had the micro-stuttering too but it was completely gone after I set Reflections to "off".

                            Nevertheless I still have issues with stuttering when the chunks are loading or in heavy towns it becomes unplayable. Other than that problems the game works good.


                              I7 3.7ghz
                              windows 7 64 bit
                              18gigs ram
                              samsung 950 pro ssd

                              My stutter is more than micro stutter. Its more like mega stutter and I have never had it happen in 7dtd before like this(not that I remember). I can back off every single setting and effect until the sliders can't go anymore and I gain some fps but notice stutter even more because of the rapid change lol. That being said maxing out everything has never looked so good or played so good except for the giant pauses. LOVE the update graphics and gameplay and caves,etc. Something is broken for sure for a good many of us. In steam the threads are on fire from this issue.Some claim performance is better and many claim its worse. Its unplayable for me at the moment. Never thought I would say that but it gets bad and I can't back off settings enough. I also reset all settings to default in Nvidia control panel(running latest drivers). alpha 10.5 was silky smooth as long as I backed of settings some.