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A9.0 Items fall through inventory UI

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    UI A9.0 Items fall through inventory UI

    This is minor, but figured I would post it anyway.

    There seem to be empty spaces in-between the item slots in both inventory and the crafting window. If you are dropping items from your cursor into your inventory and accidentally click in-between two inventory slots, you will actually drop that item to the ground. If you click between two crafting slots, nothing happens, but realistically for game-flow, there should be no gaps in between each square when dropping items, just to make things smooth. This gap is not present in storage box inventory as far as I can tell.

    I've had this happen as well. I was kind-of hoping it was added functionality of "click outside the inventory/crafting area to drop a stack", but that doesn't seem to be the case (if I hold a stack on the mouse and click outside the external area of the inventory screen, it does nothing).


      Yes. This happened to me a lot. Found that you had to have the slot "light up" before dropping it. Otherwise it falls on the ground.




          I had this issue a lot but I think it may be because the selection arrow doesn't point at the center of the object you are moving. In the past, you just click drag and drop and it falls into the slot. Now, the the arrow slightly off center, its much easier to miss your slot. I'm getting used to it but I really have to pay attention to where I'm placing my object now.

          I have noticed in previous versions that if you don't click on the slot exact, it'll tend to drop from inventory.