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secure doors cannot be placed.

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    Mechanics secure doors cannot be placed.

    So i'm building my self a home out of a parking garage in the wasteland and i tried to place a secure scrap iron door. no luck. i moved away from the structure and tried on the open ground and again no luck. i then built a secure wood door and tried both placements again with no luck. I then started a new game and was still unable to place either door. i was playing random and survival mp
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    I placed a secure metal door just fine... I haven't tried those other two yet though. I'll test it and get back to you to confirm.

    Edit: tested and they work with stone blocks surrounding the spot you are trying to put a door in...My guess is that the material you are trying to attach a door to is the problem. I tried it with wood frames and the doors wouldn't place.

    Edit 2: once those frames were upgraded to full wood blocks though, the door went in fine. perhaps that was what you were doing?
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      The doors in the game have to be between two solid blocks. Between two windows will not work nor will just blocks on one side. Double doors can't be placed either unless you use a 3rd-party editor like AussieWombat's or Hal9000's editors.

      I've tried both sets you're tried and they work fine in my game so far, covah.


        you won't be able to put a dorr between fram bloc it have to be solid..


          Take note of what you're placing the door against. It has to be sandwiched between a 2 high solid block with a solid block base as well (so you will need at least 5 solid blocks to place the door). Wood frames, rebar frames, iron bars and metal trussing do not count as solid blocks so you can't place doors on those.