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Bugs after 9th release

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    Mechanics Bugs after 9th release

    1st bug: when you kill a bee that is flying really far off in the distance it lays down in mid air and won't fall to the ground dead until you start moving closer to it. It will still give off a buzzing noise after it is dead. I have a screenshot of two bees that I killed that are like this.

    2nd bug: this is an exploit. If you have a crafting result in the window, say 64 crossbow bolts, and leave them there...then put in 2 candy tin cans to convert those to 1 iron will convert the candy tin cans to 64 iron scraps. This doesn't happen when you convert regular tin cans.

    3rd bug: When placing wood frames in high places, say 20 blocks up, they fall down and don't stay. Dead space still exists. This can be demonstrated if an admin wants to see it in game.

    4th bug: zombies get stuck under water when they reach the edge of a pond or lake that doesn't have a gentle slope upward - then they dig and dig. They are underwater when this happens. The same thing occurs when they run into a natural wall of stone/resources that has a horizontal slope - they don't re-path and walk around it. I'm not sure if this was designed on purpose or not, so I'm reporting it. They do make lovely workers however.

    I am not sure how to answer some of these suggested questions but...

    Did you start a new game and re-create the issue? YES
    Have you validated your files through Steam? ? HOW?
    After validation, did you re-try with a brand new game?(/bold)
    If none of these help, you need to post your output log and/or crash file plus a DXDiag. Your output log is found in the 7DtD install directory (right click on the game in Steam, properties, and then local files, brows local files), and a DXDIAG can be gotten by going to your Start menu, typing Run, then dxdiag, press enter, then save the output. Put these files in a zip file, then upload to your post. I'LL ASK MY HUSBAND TO SHOW ME HOW TO DO THIS.
    Last edited by Foosah; 08-17-2014, 08:00 AM. Reason: I found your list of questions after I posted the bugs.

    To verify integrity of the Game Cache do the following:

    1. It happens in the previous versions too.
    3. If you place on a high places more frames, or any kind of boxes/blocks they will collapse because as high you go the more chance you have to fall and after they fall they broke.
    4. Yeah they stuck because it's hard in the water to lift their legs

    Open your Steam Window.
    Games > View Games Library > Right Click On 7 Days To Die > Properties > Local Files > Verify Integrity Of Game Cache. Wait for it to proceed, hit OK and restart steam.

    You can post images using the forum uploader which is messy or you can go to and upload your images then post the links in here.


      1. Gotcha, I am a better shot than I was a few versions ago.

      3. Ok, but the point is that we have supporting columns in place when we attempt to put the frames in, and sometimes the frames stick and sometimes they don't. It is sporadic which ones stick and which ones do not. The game mechanics suggest that building 20 high with supporting columns would be allowable because the blocks can hold that much weight when properly built....unfortunately what we've noticed is that in some areas in higher places it is hit or miss which ones actually stick. And, furthermore...there are buildings that are higher than the structures we were building and they don't what gives?
      The game mechanics should not employ a 'sometimes yes, sometimes no' gravity rule...if that is what you are suggesting with 'chance to fall' idea.

      4. I thought the re-pathing of the zombies when they run into walls or obstacles was I threw that out there also. Maybe a nice pirouette move.

      Yes, my files are fine on Steam, all validated. I'll upload images if the game admins would like them, otherwise its not necessary to load down the servers with extra stuff.


        One bug per thread, and I've noted all of these bugs.