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Death by Drowning?

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    Mechanics Death by Drowning?

    Hi guys. I would first off like to say, what an awesome game. Patch 9.... drowning cool idea... no more under water bases.

    But it is the drowning i am here to talk about. I hope my attachment works.... I had a very quick trip through water made it to the other side and walked on for about 20 seconds or so then... I died from drowning... whilst on land.7DtD.jpg

    already been noted just jump after getting out of the water jump should get rid of the buff/debuff


      Glad someone figured out the jumping fix, until now, I've just been running back into water, re-submerging, and exiting again to fix it.


        FWIW I had already read about the jumping before it happened to me and jumping did not help. I was out of the water for a very significant amount of time. When I exited, it DEFINITELY did say "you can breathe again" but the o2 buff symbol never went away. I didn't notice the buff symbol till I took the first bit of damage and at that point I jumped, but no help. Not even after 5 or 6 frantic jumps, lol. I even tried exiting the game after the a few jumps but that didn't even clear it (single player).


          Thank you people. If this work around saves me from drowning above ground again it was well worth asking the question.