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No more cobwebs?

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    Mechanics No more cobwebs?

    Cobwebs do not seem to spawn in empty chests anymore. I did not see a post about this in the version note so I'm assuming this was not intentional and therefore a bug.

    They still do. I've had cobwebs in the chests that I've made after opening them up.

    Are you perhaps opening the chests immediately after placing them? Because I do believe that its possible that if you open up straight after placing them, it would register as empty. So far I've actually only opened the storage chests I made a few seconds after placing them and there would always be a cobweb inside.


      Saw one in a barn corner also.


        Since 9.1 I've not seen any cobweb in my storage chests anymore. Did they change something?
        I need a lot of them to get those zombies done. There is nothing better than placing a wooden log spike on sand and on top a cobweb.


          They do still spawn as of 9.1. I get them by placing a new chest, then waiting some time before opening it. I've usually gone out wandering in the meantime, so it may be leaving the chunk and returning that causes it to generate rather than a timer issue.

          Edit: it's a timer issue, I just did one by placing a chest and waiting several hours (overnight I think) before opening it.
          Edit: sheesh, I missed Euzio's post. Please excuse this.
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