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Multiple bugs listed: Condensed versions.

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    Mechanics Multiple bugs listed: Condensed versions.

    Below is a short list of bugs I have encountered that catch my attention:

    If you are on a MP server and you put something in your crafting window and log off, the items vanish forever. Has been a little frustrating. For example. Repair a pickaxe, and leave it in the output pane and log off and on.

    If you put an item in a campfire you can stack them above the limits of the maximum stack. Then you may select a recipe from the list and it will put the item in a single slot in your inventory. For example, you can have 3000/250 Wood planks in one stack. If you touch the stack, of course, the game tries to "extract" all the stacks.

    Some buildings have asphalt where some blocks should be in random gen.

    Some buildings are not stable in random gen. I had a barn collapse on me once. Not sure if this was intentional.

    Shift right clicking a stack "into a chest" will sometimes reduce that stack to 1, rendering whatever number you had prior non-existent. I've lost many full stacks because of this bug. Broken/incomplete function?

    You can no longer bleed or starve to death. This seems like it must be a bug. It added a great deal of immersion to the game and added an entire extra dimension of challenge. Now I can just walk around without food and water and be fine. Just have to avoid being hit.

    Car loot does not respawn after the designated number of days pass.

    When you build a gun safe, you have to search it upon making it, which reveals the loot of a regular gun safe. Make a separate loot/ID system for player-created and world-generated safes? (Same for cabinets. Desk safes. Etc...) This is exploitable. Rather than having to go out and explore to find gun parts, etc, you can stay underground and bring a bunch of safes with the gun parts you might need into existence.

    The "Super Horde" on day 7 does not appear to be generating correctly. Am I missing something? I usually just stay home in-game and haven't seen anything out of the ordinary.

    The world "Block Integrity" system seems to be a little off at times, particularly for dirt. Sometimes you can have completely outrageous formations that have no support at all and they hold together until you break the very last block.

    Perhaps its my imagination, but can zombies not see you if you're sneaking through tall grass Or is that intentional?

    The recipes are not filed correctly. I don't mind it that bad, but it's frustrating to see a hunting rifle stock in a separate category from all the other stocks, or the weapon repair kit not under tools, etc... Very good job on the UI refresh. Would like to see a destroy function. I keep picking up trash I threw on the ground while cutting down trees.

    Repeatedly running into situations where there are two of the same of the two bag on the ground next to one eachother... For example, purse next to purse, duffel bag next to duffel bag...

    Worth mentioning:

    Houses seem very far apart in random gen. It feels more like pre-colonized America rather than a modern age apocalypse. Not at all similar to Navezgane. Any chance we will get sliders to modify the different aspects of the world generator?

    You injure your leg every single time falling from 4 blocks. Shouldn't this be modified to be a chance? Hopefully there will be something when the skill system is implemented. People in the real world have fallen two stories without any injuries.

    The world seems much bigger however, the number of zombies seems much fewer.
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    I didn't break my leg falling from 4 blocks maybe you were unlucky? did it several times only when running and jumping from 6 blocks did I manage to break it.


      One bug per thread, search the forums.