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Animal/Zombie AI on water (and overall)

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    AI Animal/Zombie AI on water (and overall)

    Pretty sure you got this on your to-do list, but just to make sure someone mentioned it:

    1. It appears that animal AI is completely ignoring the fact that there is large bodies of water now. Or water at all. The deer are trying to eat calmly in the middle of a lake while slowly floating up and down. I dont care that at the moment the animations are missing, but basic animal AI reacting more realistic to water should probably be added soon.

    2. I've seen on several occasions that two deer run into each other, stand head on head, and seize movement. They stand there and stare at each other point blank without any state change in all the time i've watched them. Hitting them with something or bumping into one of them de-freezes their behaviour and they run off.

    3. Animals sometimes appear to not flee from zombies anymore. I've seen this a LOT with deer and sometimes also pigs and rabbits. Zombies go near them, they dont run or anything. Just stand there and eat. The reason, however, might be that often Zombies also glitch now and just freeze when standing right next to an animal, not doing anything until you aggro them or interact in any other way.