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Dead Hornets not falling down

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    Graphics Dead Hornets not falling down

    When we kill a hornet at range, the hornet is not falling out of the sky until we walk out to its location and stand right under it.


    Haven't had that issue myself. Every time I kill one it falls as it should immediately. You playing SP/MP/Random/Nav?

    Edit: I play Solo/Random Gen


      I hawe this bug too,but after restart game it was ok


        I have noticed this issue and can replicate it. I am not sure it is a bug. I believe it may be related to some "range" where zombies 'activate". I notice if the bee is close and I shoot it, it falls and I can loot it. If it's far and I shoot it, it hangs in mid air. when I walk near it, it does fall and I can loot it.

        I have noticed a similar situations with zombies. If I run out of their range, then they just stop and stand still like dummies .

        I do not believe this is the intended behavior so it may be a bug.


          We are on a RWG MP dedicated server. We see the zombies standing still bug too.