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    Mechanics 9.1 physics

    Hi Guys, first off, AWESOME job with 9.1.

    As per myself and friends have been on testing and SOOOO much stuff is working awesome now!

    We found a couple of physics hiccups, one after blowing one of the centre builidings in the city up, it ended floating (see here we could still walk around on the roof etc even though it was floating).

    The other physics bug we found was in relation to door frames with blocks above and below being immune to physics (see here note what you cannot see from that screenshot as it is below my belt bar, is that those doors are all floating in mid air)


    I've seen this both in alpha 8 and again in 9 but I didn't report it because I assume it's the same bug. From my experiments it appears to be 1 or 2 blocks that are actually floating and the rest attached to them float as well for some reason. Destroy the right blocks and it'll crumble as it's suppose to.

    Someone said that putting a torch on the structure and then removed it again forces an integrity check, but I've yet to test this.


      Been that way since at least Alpha 3 - very well known bug. Apparently low priority, too.


        Torches didn't work


          Drop physics in general are whacked.

          I've got entire floating isles that I have to manually TNT...when the TNT sticks to them.

          Sometimes a single tap of the auger will force smaller isles to fall, but not consistently.

          It was like this in Alpha 3 or so, at least then once you got a fall started it would finish, however that isn't the case in this version.


            From experimenting further it appears the blocks seem to have the correct integrity but at times can have roughly half of the normal integrity.

            So if you are moving into a structure or making a new, I'd only extend horizontally half of the normal distance and put at least some kind of support under it.