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ladders keep launching player into the air (please fix )

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    Mechanics ladders keep launching player into the air (please fix )

    when going up a ladder 6/10 times it launches me into the air ,somtimes into the sky , than come falling down and die ,any one else had or have this problem ?

    I have not had the issue of launching into the air; however, this would explain why I've died several times climbing a ladder and seemingly "hitting my head on the roof" as I exit my structure. I thought it was still a fall/broken leg issue, but I'd be willing to be I'm being launched into the roof and dieing.


      This happened to me as well while climbing a ladder out of the ground. Once I got to the top and tried to "dismount" I was launched really high, seemed to get stuck in the stratosphere and died hitting the ground.

      Since the opening was at ground level I put down a hatch on top of the ladder and that seemed to make getting off the ladder easier.


        I have had the launching happen a few times, though not from a ladder. So far I have been able to find somewhere to land on and have not died. I have also found that if you keep your wits about you and exit the game, you will be on the ground when you come back in.


          We have had the launching happen also climbing out of a hole and off a ladder aalso. MP game Random Gen


            Two players have experienced this recently. It was a MP Nave map, first time was host of game on by himself. I then experienced it while he was hosting. We have no mods and nocheats.

            Both PC Windows 10. A14.7


              So the Torpedo tubes are back then? If it happens again dragonaries, alt f4 while falling and reload, you should load in on the ground and not die from the bug.