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Maximum players affecting the ping on a private server

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    Multiplayer Maximum players affecting the ping on a private server

    Hello,my friend lives in the city having 300 mb fiber internet download and i live outside it on country side 20 km distance having wireless internet router 50 mb(speedtest showing around 40 mb).
    What happen yesterday,he hosted a server setting max players 2,i join i have like 4000 ping,then he sets 6 players i log in i have 200 ping,then he sets max players to 4,i log in boom 80-100 ping,everyday happens the same he has to change settings everytime,today he set 2 and my ping was normal,it switches randomly something is wrong.

    PS: I waited everytime like 1-2 mins for the ping to cool down.
    PS2: I dont have any problems with other games,i have decent ping from 50 to 150 max,i played 5v5 games,18v18 30v30 and still my internet was doing good.

    My log:

    Friend log:

    Whenever you might experience this issue again, try to ping each other (not yourself) using the console of your OS to make sure it's not an issue with one of your ISPs.
    Great bandwidth never guarantees low latency.


      We've tested that a few times with different hosts.
      There's was no connection between maxPlayers and the latency found.

      What we've found was that you might experience a higher latency value when you connect to the host. This might be due to the huge cpu load the host gets when a client connects and renders the map around it.


        Ye thats true most of the time ping explodes when i connect to the server,sometimes reaching 14-18k,but then its decreasing.