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Multiplayer map bug!!

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    Multiplayer Multiplayer map bug!!

    I host a private multiplayer game with friends. Every 5mins they lose the map in front of them the floor disappears and they glitch all over the place.
    Sometimes it doesnt occur for 20 or 30mins some times its every 5mins.

    They leave and i re invite but only fixes it for said 5mins. I reload the save and agaib not much difference.
    It makes the game un playable... literally every 5mins have to reload or reinvite friends...please fix asap or will stop playing.

    Also there was not a day 21 horde.

    Lag is incredible on horde nights to the point where you cant even fight any zombies. You just have to stand still almost. Either make single zombies tougher and do more damage to reduce the numbers or sort the issue please.