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Suggestion: Warning system crafter so you can sleep the night away... if you dare

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    Suggestion: Warning system crafter so you can sleep the night away... if you dare

    (just read the post further down, so this is about passing time with the warning system. Sorry did not read the heading fully)
    This is about the warning system so you can pass time more quickly but dangerously rather than the need for sleep but here goes with the explanation.

    I don't know if Sleep is going to be a factor but during Alpha 2 I found I was doing the days at 50 mins time scale and doing the nights 5 mins time scale. Obviously in single player or agreement with others. This is cheating but the nights just listening to them howl gets boring

    What I am suggesting is that you need your character to sleep else you start slowing down or have increased use of resources etc, so have a reason to need a warning system that they are coming while you sleep.

    So you can set up a simple warning wire with metal on it that would clank as they step through it or a dead fall of trash that would make a noise if they get through the barbed wire.

    Sleeping would make time pass quicker but not instantly, I suggest that all sounds will be greatly reduced while you sleep. until they get you or you wake your self up. The warning wires noise level would be at full volume to distinguish it from the other sounds if it goes off. If you hear it then hit the wake up ready for action...

    Once awake again time returns to normal and sounds return to normal. This leaves the reacting to the warning with the player and not an automatic system, you will have to press a key to wake up so make sure that you listen for that warning... or else be zombie food. It also means that you would have to be careful how far away the warning thing is so you can hear it properly.

    So you can sleep the night away while the zombies go crazy, and if your warning bells go off then you can react to that, else the night passes quickly with some rough calculations as to how much damage is done to your surroundings.

    I think that trusting yourself to a warning system that you have place could add another edge to the single player game.

    In multi player then those awake would need to keep the sleeper safe for the duration of their sleep. This duration would have to be modified to say a percentage of the total night time. After all it only takes one person to guard a door, right? especially with a warning wire just inside the barbwire fence... that's of cause as long as its placed correctly.

    To craft the warning wire. Fibers and scrap metal and stick for every 3 lengths of wire. If a zombie walks over it then it makes a noise, decay is the number of zombies crossing it
    A dead fall made of 2 lots of scrap metal on top of another block type. If it falls more that one block then it makes a noise. Decay is the number and height of the fall

    What do people think?
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    interesting...would be nice to have some kind of optional way to pass the night away. and once the ai is improved and stealth is added this might work especially with a warning system that can alarm you or even wake you up. but I don't know how hard it will be to code it as i am not a programmer.

    But it would be a nice option to have if i dont feel like staying up all night.

    but one did you alter the amount of time for night to only 5 minutes?
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      good idea, it would make it more realistic,

      and for setting the time, just exit the game and before you load your game, just change the time.


        Sleep has actually been discussed at extreme length since the KS campaign. I'm affraid that there is no mathematically workable way to get sleep to work in Multiplayer without having someone sit there staring at their screen for minutes on end. No one wants to really do that.

        For single player, time compression is an option and I support that.

        I can't remember if I made this suggestion already, so apologies if I'm echoing here: a good alternative to sleeping as an 'activity' would be to add another slider to the spectrum of health/stamina/food/water. I don't think it should be sleep--but it could be sanity (like don't starve) or comfort, or any number of other adjectives to describe what it is. This bar could be replenished by standing near a sleeping bag, campfire, energy drinks, and so forth. While you wait there you can do your crafting and such, eat/drink, and in the future there might be some 'mini-game' things to do, such as playing a harmonica, fixing a radio, or scribbling on hand-made maps. All of these are more game-oriented and workable than taking turns guarding the real-time sleeping guy.


          I guess I am one of those that never understood the need to sleep in a game unless it was written in for a purpose such as they only way to heal or regain stamina - something other then passing the night when those hours can be used. For example, all I use a bed for in MC is to mark a spawn point - other wise I am doing something around the clock, whether its exploring, fighting, crating, mining etc. This has followed through to other games.

          To me, the way 7dtd works it seems like 'sleeping' the night away would only benefit those who don't want to deal with the risk of aggravated zombies for the whole night - zip through it and zombies are more docile (relatively) easier to kill and did not have time to damage a wall let alone break through. Since most daylight hours take me outside, whether to build, repair, explore, scavenge, get wood, water, sand etc and I need nighttime for mining and crafting. Of course, if I slept the night away in a speed sleep of a minute I could just alternate inside stuff one day, outside stuff the next of course and do lots less repairs cause zombies would probably not had time to spawn and reach my walls before the sun came up.

          Just speed sleeping through the night and avoiding night time zombies seems to take away a lot from this game.


            Originally posted by rentechd View Post
            Just speed sleeping through the night and avoiding night time zombies seems to take away a lot from this game.
            Obviously this would be bad for the game, but if you think about it realistically--the way you'd handle this problem in real life is to stay on your guard through the night and sleep in the day. This could be good for the game as a challenge factor, but since I see no way to make it time compression work in multiplayer, and no one really wnats real time sleep simulator 2000, that just doesn't leave much of an option outside campfire-like buff zones.


              I like the idea of the warning system and I do hope to see a sleep system (for the single player) at some point in the future. Perhaps multiplayer sleep could be approached in the same fashion as Minecraft or PnP RPG's - if every player agrees to sleep then time is fastforwarded, if even one player disagrees then everyone must wait out the night whilst even just that sole player experiences the nighttime.

              During nighttimes in gameplay I use it how I would any hypothetical situation I have to remain on guard whilst undertaking little activity - I read, eat, just generally goof around. A lot of the time I expand my mine because you really can't have enough iron.