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    my ideas/dreams

    hi , i'm damys! new in the forum.

    i have some ideas (or dreams) idk if someone already asked some of these question : S

    1) I heard about a future update which will add the vehicles, so I hope there is a good variety of vehicles also vans to transport more people or objects.
    the vehicles should be found in three conditions (new, slightly damaged / low on fuel, or seriously damaged with the required repair by players)
    another type of vehicles could be the boat.

    2) I do not know if the developers have never thought (I hope so) in fishing to procure another variety of food (fish must be visible in the water as well as other animals already present in the game)

    3) body damage to the zombies during the fight (a silly example ..headshot causes the explosion of the zombie's head or break the leg to make the zombie slower)
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    (1), Unless the maps are a lot bigger I don't see the need for them. But this is Alpha and who knows how big the maps may get to be.

    (2) I would love to see deeper water and a row boat, Also fishing would be great fun me and the zom zoms that would sneak up an eat me as I try to land that bass.

    (3) Would love to be able to cut off arms and legs of the zom zoms. But I will say that it would get old after a bit, And the aggravation of trying to cut down a hoard of zombies, And only to see arms and legs falling off, And the hoard just keeps coming!!!